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2018Context adaptive panchromatic band simulation and detail injection for image pansharpeningDai, Qinling; Luo, Bin; Wang, Leiguang; Tu, Zhigang
2012Dynamics of a Holstein polaron with off-diagonal couplingZhao, Yang; Luo, Bin; Zhang, Yuyu; Ye, Jun
2010Dynamics of a one-dimensional Holstein polaron with Davydov AnsatzeZhao, Yang; Sun, Jin; Luo, Bin
2010Dynamics of the Davydov D-squared Ansatz with off-diagonal couplingZhao, Yang; Luo, Bin; Ye, Jun
 2019Unique 3D flower-on-sheet nanostructure of NiCo LDHs : controllable microwave-assisted synthesis and its application for advanced supercapacitorsZhou, Yanping; Li, Jing; Yang, Yang; Luo, Bin; Zhang, Xiong; Fong, Eileen; Chu, Wei; Huang, Kama
2010Validity of time-dependent trial states for the Holstein PolaronLuo, Bin; Ye, Jun; Guan, Chengbo; Zhao, Yang
2011Variational study of polaron dynamics with the Davydov AnsätzeLuo, Bin; Ye, Jun; Zhao, Yang