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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Throughput-lifetime tradeoffs in multihop wireless networks under an SINR-based interference modelLuo, Jun; Aravind Iyer; Rosenberg, Catherine
2017Time- and cost- efficient task scheduling across geo-distributed data centersHu, Zhiming; Li, Baochun; Luo, Jun
2021Towards robust multiple blind source localization using source separation and beamformingPu, Henglin; Cai, Chao; Hu, Menglan; Deng, Tianping; Zheng, Rong; Luo, Jun
 2012Unsupervised co-segmentation for 3D shapes using iterative multi-label optimizationMeng, Min; Xia, Jiazhi; Luo, Jun; He, Ying
2018Visible light based occupancy inference using ensemble learningHao, Jie; Yuan, Xiaoming; Yang, Yanbing; Wang, Ran; Zhuang, Yi; Luo, Jun
2019VisioMap : lightweight 3-D scene reconstruction toward natural indoor localizationLi, Feng; Hao,Jie; Wang, Jin; Luo, Jun; He, Ying; Yu, Dongxiao; Cheng, Xiuzhen