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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2019A simple electrochemical method for conversion of Pt wires to Pt concave icosahedra and nanocubes on carbon paper for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolutionLuo, Zhimin; Tan, Chaoliang; Lai, Zhuangchai; Zhang, Xiao; Chen, Junze; Chen, Ye; Chen, Bo; Gong, Yue; Zhang, Zhicheng; Wu, Xuejun; Li, Bing; Zong, Yun; Gu, Lin; Zhang, Hua
2014Triangular Ag–Pd alloy nanoprisms : rational synthesis with high-efficiency for electrocatalytic oxygen reductionXu, Lin; Tan, Chaoliang; Luo, Zhimin; Fan, Zhanxi; Zhang, Xiao; Li, Hai; Zhang, Hua; Xue, Can