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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018An accurate partially attracted firefly algorithmZhou, Lingyun; Ding, Lixin; Ma, Maode; Tang, Wan
2017Achieve Location Privacy-Preserving Range Query in Vehicular SensingKong, Qinglei; Lu, Rongxing; Ma, Maode; Bao, Haiyong
 2012Achieving faster handovers in mobile WiMAX networksLu, Qi; Ma, Maode
 2020Achieving privacy-preserving and verifiable data sharing in vehicular fog with blockchainKong, Qinglei; Su, Le; Ma, Maode
2018Achieving secure and privacy-preserving incentive in vehicular cloud advertisement disseminationKong, Qinglei; Lu, Rongxing; Zhu, Hui; Ma, Maode
2017Advanced Perceptive Forwarding in Content-Centric NetworksLi, Bing; Ma, Maode; Yang, Xinbin
 2012An altruistic differentiated service protocol in dynamic cognitive radio networks against selfish behaviorsHow, Kiam Cheng; Ma, Maode; Qin, Yang
2008An analysis of k-connectivity in shadowing and Nakagami fading wireless multi-hop networksZhang, Lili; Soong, Boon Hee; Zhang, Yan; Ma, Maode; Guan, Yong Liang
2018An anonymous handover authentication scheme based on LTE-A for vehicular networksXu, Cheng; Huang, Xiaohong; Ma, Maode; Bao, Hong
2019ATCFS : effective connectivity restoration scheme for underwater acoustic sensor networksLiu, Lingfeng; Ma, Maode; Liu, Chunfeng; Qu, Wenyu; Zhang, Gang; Shu, Yantai
2020BEHT : blockchain-based efficient highway toll paradigm for opportunistic autonomous vehicle platoonYing, Zuobin; Yi, Longyang; Ma, Maode
2014CCS-DTN : clustering and network coding-based efficient routing in social DTNsZhang, Zhenjing; Ma, Maode; Jin, Zhigang
 2012A collusion-resilient self-healing key distribution scheme for wireless sensor networksWang, Ze; Ma, Maode
 2019Concentration-based demodulation scheme for mobile receiver in molecular communicationLin, Lin; Wu, Qian; Ma, Maode; Yan, Hao
2019Connectivity aware tribrid routing framework for a generalized software defined vehicular networkLiyanage, Kushan Sudheera Kalupahana; Ma, Maode; Chong, Peter Han Joo
2018Controller placement optimization in hierarchical distributed software defined vehicular networksMa, Maode; Liyanage, Kushan Sudheera Kalupahana; Chong, Peter Han Joo
 2012A cross-layer cognitive radio-based framework and CAC scheme in WiMAX networksLu, Jinchang; Ma, Maode
 2012Cross-layer resource scheduling scheme in WiMAX mesh networksJiao, Yi; Yi, Ke-Chu; Tian, Bin; Ma, Maode
 2011Cryptanalysis of some conference schemes for mobile communicationsHe, Daojing; Chen, Chun; Ma, Maode; Bu, Jiajun
2019DDoS detection mechanism using trust-based evaluation system in VANETPoongodi, M.; Hamdi, Mounir; Sharma, Ashutosh; Ma, Maode; Singh, Pradeep Kumar