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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Performance study on protocols supporting multimedia traffic on WDM optical networkWu, Yongcong.
2003Performance study on QoS service in wireless networksWu, Xun.
 2012An pre-authentication protocol with symmetric keys for secure handover in mobile WiMAX networksNguyen, Thuy Ngoc; Ma, Maode
2017A privacy-preserving and cross-domain group authentication scheme for vehicular in LTE-A networksXu, Cheng; Huang, Xiaohong; Ma, Maode; Bao, Hong
 2017A privacy-preserving sensory data sharing scheme in Internet of VehiclesKong, Qinglei; Lu, Rongxing; Ma, Maode; Bao, Haiyong
 2013Protecting satellite systems from disassociation DoS attacksMa, Ting; Lee, Yee Hui; Ma, Maode
2017A proxy signature-based handover authentication scheme for LTE wireless networksQiu, Yue; Ma, Maode; Wang, Xilei
 2012QoS guaranteed resource block allocation algorithm in LTE downlinkZhao, Liqun; Qin, Yang; Ma, Maode; Zhong, Xiaoxiong; Li, Li
 2012A QoS oriented vertical handoff scheme for WiMAX/WLAN overlay networksMa, Dong; Ma, Maode
 2015QoS provisioning by power control for video communication via satellite linksMa, Ting; Lee, Yee Hui; Winkler, Stefan; Ma, Maode
2019Research on detection and defense mechanisms of DoS attacks based on BP neural network and game theoryGao, Lijun; Li, Yanting; Zhang, Lu; Lin, Feng; Ma, Maode
 2012Scalable and efficient key management for mobile WiMAX networksSadeghi, Mohammad Mehdi Gilanian; Ali, Borhanuddin Mohd; Ma, Maode; Manan, Jamalul-lail Ab
2018A secure and efficient message authentication scheme for vehicular networks based on LTE-VXu, Cheng; Huang, Xiaohong; Ma, Maode; Bao, Hong
 2013A secure and efficient password-authenticated group key exchange protocol for mobile ad hoc networksHe, Daojing; Chen, Chun; Ma, Maode; Chan, Sammy; Bu, Jiajun
 2018Secure group mobility support for 6LoWPAN networksQiu, Yue; Ma, Maode
2019Secure RFID authentication schemes based on security analysis and improvements of the USI protocolGao, Lijun; Zhang, Lu; Lin, Feng; Ma, Maode
 2012Securing wireless mesh networks in a unified security framework with corruption-resilienceWang, Ze; Ma, Maode; Wu, Jigang
 2011A security enhanced authentication and key distribution protocol for wireless networksLv, Chao; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui; Ma, Jianfeng; Niu, Ben
 2011Security enhancement of the communication-efficient AUTHMAC_DH protocolsLv, Chao; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui; Ma, Jianfeng; Niu, Ben
 2012A security protocol resistant to intermittent position trace attacks and desynchronization attacks in RFID systemsShu, Yantai; Gao, Lijun; Ma, Maode; Wei, Yuhua