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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012A security protocol resistant to intermittent position trace attacks and desynchronization attacks in RFID systemsShu, Yantai; Gao, Lijun; Ma, Maode; Wei, Yuhua
2016Semantic Searchable Encryption Scheme based on Lattice in Quantum-eraYang, Yang; Ma, Maode
 2012A server independent authentication scheme for RFID systemsWang, Bin; Ma, Maode
 2012A simple and robust handover authentication between HeNB and eNB in LTE networksCao, Jin; Li, Hui; Ma, Maode; Zhang, Yueyu; Lai, Chengzhe
2003Simulation study on the performance of MAC protocols on wireless networksGoh, Roney Boon Hui.
2003Simulation study on the performance of MAC protocols on wireless networksTan, Siok Ching.
 2012A smart card based efficient and secured multi-server authentication schemeWang, Bin; Ma, Maode
 2020Storage and access optimization scheme based on correlation probabilities in the internet of vehiclesBin, Zhou; Yao, Yuhao; Liu, Xiao; Zhu, Rongbo; Sangaiah, Arun Kumar; Ma, Maode
2006Study on the platform for wireless internet web servicesToh, Hwee Leng.
 2012A survey and projection on medium access control protocols for wireless sensor networksMiao, Chun Yan; Zhao, Yi Zhi; Ma, Maode; Zhang, Jing Bing; Leung, Cyril
2015TR-SDTN: Trust Based Efficient and Scalable Routing in Hostile Social DTNsZhang, Zhenjing; Ma, Maode; Jin, Zhigang
2013An ultralightweight RFID authentication protocol with CRC and permutationGao, Lijun; Ma, Maode; Shu, Yantai; Wei, Yuhua
 2012Unified handover authentication between heterogeneous access systems in LTE networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
 2012An uniform handover authentication between E-UTRAN and non-3GPP access networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
2018UPPGHA : uniform privacy preservation group handover authentication mechanism for mMTC in LTE-A networksCao, Jin; Li, Hui; Ma, Maode; Li, Fenghua
 2012Utility-based scheduling in wireless multi-hop networks over non-deterministic fading channelsLiu, Zheng; Ma, Maode; Dai, Jufeng
2018Utility-optimized flow-level bandwidth allocation in hybrid SDNsHuang, Xiaohong; Yuan, Tingting; Ma, Maode
2005Wireless home networkingKhoo, Daniel Peng Kheong.