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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016E3 MC : improving energy efficiency via elastic multi-controller SDN in data center networksXie, Kun; Huang, Xiaohong; Hao, Shuai; Ma, Maode; Zhang, Pei; Hu, Dingyuan
 2020ECF-MRS : an efficient and collaborative framework with Markov-based reputation scheme for IDSs in vehicular networksLiang, Junwei; Ma, Maode
2016Efficient Deployment of Base Stations in Wireless Communication NetworksLi, Zimao; Wang, Yingying; Ma, Maode
2017An Efficient EAP-Based Pre-Authentication for Inter-WRAN Handover in TV White SpaceWang, Cong; Ma, Maode; Zhang, Lei
 2017EGHR : efficient group-based handover authentication protocols for mMTC in 5G wireless networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui; Fu, Yulong; Liu, Xuefeng
 2012An energy-efficient self-adaptive duty cycle MAC protocol for traffic-dynamic wireless sensor networksZhao, Yi Zhi; Ma, Maode; Miao, Chun Yan
 2012Enhanced EAP-based pre-authentication for fast and secure inter-ASN handovers in mobile WiMAX networksNguyen, Thuy Ngoc; Ma, Maode
 2021An enhanced handover authentication solution for 6LoWPAN networksZhang, Lyuye; Ma, Maode; Qiu, Yue
 2018Fast authentication and data transfer scheme for massive NB-IoT devices in 3GPP 5G networkCao, Jin; Yu, Pu; Ma, Maode; Gao, Weifeng
2019A filter model for intrusion detection system in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks : a hidden Markov methodologyLiang, Junwei; Ma, Maode; Muhammad Sadiq; Yeung, Kai-Hau
 2020FKR : an efficient authentication scheme for IEEE 802.11ah networksZhang, Lyuye; Ma, Maode
 2018Fog-based pub/sub index with Boolean expressions in the internet of industrial vehiclesLi, Yanhong; Zhang, Wang; Zhu, Rongbo; Li, Guohui; Ma, Maode; Shu, Lihchyun; Luo, Changyin
 2017G2RHA : group-to-route handover authentication scheme for mobile relays in LTE-A high-speed rail networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
 2021Game-theory-based clustering scheme for energy balancing in underwater acoustic sensor networksXing, Guanglin; Chen, Yumeng; Hou, Rui; Dong, Mianxiong; Zeng, Deze; Luo, Jiangtao; Ma, Maode
2015GBAAM : group-based access authentication for MTC in LTE networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
2014A Group Neighborhood Average Clock Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksLin, Lin; Ma, Shiwei; Ma, Maode
 2012A group-based authentication and key agreement for MTC in LTE networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
2019A hybrid authentication protocol for LTE/LTE-A networkZhou, Jianhong; Ma, Maode; Sun, Sanshan
 2012Hybrid multimedia broadcast encryption schemesLi, Tao; Guo, Huaqun; Ma, Maode
2006IEEE 802.11E WLAN QOS analysis and simulationPan, Xiao