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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017G2RHA : group-to-route handover authentication scheme for mobile relays in LTE-A high-speed rail networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
 2021Game-theory-based clustering scheme for energy balancing in underwater acoustic sensor networksXing, Guanglin; Chen, Yumeng; Hou, Rui; Dong, Mianxiong; Zeng, Deze; Luo, Jiangtao; Ma, Maode
2015GBAAM : group-based access authentication for MTC in LTE networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
2014A Group Neighborhood Average Clock Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksLin, Lin; Ma, Shiwei; Ma, Maode
 2012A group-based authentication and key agreement for MTC in LTE networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
2019A hybrid authentication protocol for LTE/LTE-A networkZhou, Jianhong; Ma, Maode; Sun, Sanshan
 2012Hybrid multimedia broadcast encryption schemesLi, Tao; Guo, Huaqun; Ma, Maode
2006IEEE 802.11E WLAN QOS analysis and simulationPan, Xiao
2016Implementation of low power multi-hop wireless sensor networkFengyong; Zhou, Jianhong; Ma, Maode
 2018Improving Quality of Experience in multimedia Internet of Things leveraging machine learning on big dataHuang, Xiaohong; Xie, Kun; Leng, Supeng; Yuan, Tingting; Ma, Maode
2018The influence of MAC protocol on a non-synchronous localization scheme in large-scale UWSNsChen, Keyu; Cheng, En; Yuan, Fei; Su, Wei; Ma, Maode
2017Intelligent image recognition system for marine fouling using softmax transfer learning and deep convolutional neural networksChin, C. S.; Si, JianTing; Clare, A. S.; Ma, Maode
2019Intrusion prevention system for DDoS attack on VANET with reCAPTCHA controller using information based metricsPoongodi, M.; Vijayakumar, V.; Al-Turjman, Fadi; Hamdi, Mounir; Ma, Maode
 2012Investigation of a large-scale P2P VoD overlay network by measurementsLi, Bing; Ma, Maode; Jin, Zhigang; Zhao, Dongxue
 2021A lightweight and secure handover authentication scheme for 5G network using neighbour base stationsYan, Xiaobei; Ma, Maode
2019Link stability based optimized routing framework for software defined vehicular networksKalupahana Liyanage, Kushan Sudheera; Ma, Maode; Chong, Peter Han Joo
 2018LPPA : lightweight privacy-preservation access authentication scheme for massive devices in fifth Generation (5G) cellular networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
 2012A MAC-Layer QoS provisioning protocol for cognitive radio networksHow, Kiam Cheng; Ma, Maode; Qin, Yang
2019A malicious behavior awareness and defense countermeasure based on LoRaWAN protocolGao, Shu-Yang; Li, Xiao-Hong; Ma, Maode
2015Maximum-Likelihood Estimator of Clock Offset between Nanomachines in Bionanosensor NetworksLin, Lin; Yang, Chengfeng; Ma, Maode