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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021A lightweight and secure handover authentication scheme for 5G network using neighbour base stationsYan, Xiaobei; Ma, Maode
2019Link stability based optimized routing framework for software defined vehicular networksKalupahana Liyanage, Kushan Sudheera; Ma, Maode; Chong, Peter Han Joo
 2018LPPA : lightweight privacy-preservation access authentication scheme for massive devices in fifth Generation (5G) cellular networksCao, Jin; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui
 2012A MAC-Layer QoS provisioning protocol for cognitive radio networksHow, Kiam Cheng; Ma, Maode; Qin, Yang
2019A malicious behavior awareness and defense countermeasure based on LoRaWAN protocolGao, Shu-Yang; Li, Xiao-Hong; Ma, Maode
2015Maximum-Likelihood Estimator of Clock Offset between Nanomachines in Bionanosensor NetworksLin, Lin; Yang, Chengfeng; Ma, Maode
2019Minimum connected dominating set algorithms for ad hoc sensor networksSun, Xuemei; Yang, Yongxin; Ma, Maode
2017Multi-population ant colony algorithm for virtual machine deploymentSun, Xuemei; Zhang, Kai; Ma, Maode; Su, Hua
2014Network selection and resource allocation for multicast in HetNetsMa, Maode; Ma, Dong
2006Next generation optical access networkCheng, Tee Hiang; Lu, Chao; Ma, Maode; Koh, Soo Ngee; Liu, Xiaobei; Zhu, Yongqing
 2013A novel authenticated encryption scheme with convertibilityThadvai, Sandeep; Tiwari, Deep Narayan; Jena, Debasish; Ma, Maode
2016A Novel Efficient Address Mutation Scheme for IPv6 NetworksYan, Shen; Huang, Xiaohong; Ma, Maode; Zhang, Pei; Ma, Yan
2015Novel frequency-domain oversampling receiver for CP MC-CDMA systemsMa, Maode; Yan, Yanxin
2018A novel mechanism for fast detection of transformed data leakageHuang, Xiaohong; Lu, Yunlong; Li, Dandan; Ma, Maode
 2018A novel receiver design for HACO-OFDM by time-domain clipping noise eliminationWang, Tao; Hou, Yonghong; Ma, Maode
 2012An novel three-party authenticated key exchange protocol using one-time keyLv, Chao; Ma, Maode; Li, Hui; Ma, Jianfeng; Zhang, Yaoyu
2005A packet reservation multiple access (PRMA)-based algorithm for multimedia wireless systemTan, Leong Peng.
2017Parameterized Spatio-Textual Publish/Subscribe in Road Sensor NetworksLi, Yanhong; Huang, Ziqing; Zhu, Rongbo; Li, Guohui; Shu, Lihchyun; Tian, Shasha; Ma, Maode
2002Performance study on MAC protocols for wireless networksXiang, Zheng
2003Performance study on protocols supporting multimedia traffic on WDM optical networkWu, Yongcong.