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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A packet reservation multiple access (PRMA)-based algorithm for multimedia wireless systemTan, Leong Peng.
2017Parameterized Spatio-Textual Publish/Subscribe in Road Sensor NetworksLi, Yanhong; Huang, Ziqing; Zhu, Rongbo; Li, Guohui; Shu, Lihchyun; Tian, Shasha; Ma, Maode
2002Performance study on MAC protocols for wireless networksXiang, Zheng
2003Performance study on protocols supporting multimedia traffic on WDM optical networkWu, Yongcong.
2003Performance study on QoS service in wireless networksWu, Xun.
 2012An pre-authentication protocol with symmetric keys for secure handover in mobile WiMAX networksNguyen, Thuy Ngoc; Ma, Maode
2017A privacy-preserving and cross-domain group authentication scheme for vehicular in LTE-A networksXu, Cheng; Huang, Xiaohong; Ma, Maode; Bao, Hong
 2017A privacy-preserving sensory data sharing scheme in Internet of VehiclesKong, Qinglei; Lu, Rongxing; Ma, Maode; Bao, Haiyong
 2013Protecting satellite systems from disassociation DoS attacksMa, Ting; Lee, Yee Hui; Ma, Maode
2017A proxy signature-based handover authentication scheme for LTE wireless networksQiu, Yue; Ma, Maode; Wang, Xilei
 2012QoS guaranteed resource block allocation algorithm in LTE downlinkZhao, Liqun; Qin, Yang; Ma, Maode; Zhong, Xiaoxiong; Li, Li
 2012A QoS oriented vertical handoff scheme for WiMAX/WLAN overlay networksMa, Dong; Ma, Maode
 2015QoS provisioning by power control for video communication via satellite linksMa, Ting; Lee, Yee Hui; Winkler, Stefan; Ma, Maode
2019Research on detection and defense mechanisms of DoS attacks based on BP neural network and game theoryGao, Lijun; Li, Yanting; Zhang, Lu; Lin, Feng; Ma, Maode
 2012Scalable and efficient key management for mobile WiMAX networksSadeghi, Mohammad Mehdi Gilanian; Ali, Borhanuddin Mohd; Ma, Maode; Manan, Jamalul-lail Ab
2018A secure and efficient message authentication scheme for vehicular networks based on LTE-VXu, Cheng; Huang, Xiaohong; Ma, Maode; Bao, Hong
 2013A secure and efficient password-authenticated group key exchange protocol for mobile ad hoc networksHe, Daojing; Chen, Chun; Ma, Maode; Chan, Sammy; Bu, Jiajun
2022A secure blockchain-based authentication and key agreement scheme for 3GPP 5G networksChow, Man Chun; Ma, Maode
 2018Secure group mobility support for 6LoWPAN networksQiu, Yue; Ma, Maode
2019Secure RFID authentication schemes based on security analysis and improvements of the USI protocolGao, Lijun; Zhang, Lu; Lin, Feng; Ma, Maode