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2019Active convergence of the India‐Burma‐Sunda plates revealed by a new continuous GPS networkMallick, Rishav; Feng, Lujia; Hubbard, Judith; Banerjee, Paramesh; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Hill, Emma Mary
2018Can the updip limit of frictional locking on megathrusts be detected geodetically? Quantifying the effect of stress shadows on near-trench couplingLindsey, Eric Ostrom; Bradley, Kyle; Hubbard, Judith; Mallick, Rishav; Hill, Emma Mary; Almeida, Rafael
2020Diverse slip behavior of the Banyak Islands subsegment of the Sunda megathrust in Sumatra, IndonesiaMorgan, Paul M.; Feng, Lujia; Meltzner, Aron J.; Mallick, Rishav; Hill, Emma M.
2021GPS imaging of vertical bedrock displacements : quantification of two-dimensional vertical crustal deformation in ChinaPan, Yuanjin; Hammond, William C.; Ding, Hao; Mallick, Rishav; Jiang, Weiping; Xu, Xinyu; Shum, C. K.; Shen, Wenbin
2021Linking short-term to long-term convergent tectonics using geodetic observations, geological constraints and numerical simulationsMallick, Rishav
2021Long-lived shallow slow-slip events on the Sunda megathrustMallick, Rishav; Meltzner, Aron J.; Tsang, Louisa L. H.; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Feng, Lujia; Hill, Emma M.
2022On the choice and implications of rheologies that maintain kinematic and dynamic consistency over the entire earthquake cycleMallick, Rishav; Lambert, Valere; Meade, Brendan
2021Slip rate deficit and earthquake potential on shallow megathrustsLindsey, Eric Ostrom; Mallick, Rishav; Hubbard, Judith; Bradley, Kyle; Almeida, Rafael V.; Moore, James Daniel Paul; Bürgmann, Roland; Hill, Emma M.
2018Structural control on downdip locking extent of the himalayan megathrustLindsey, Eric O.; Almeida, Rafael; Mallick, Rishav; Hubbard, Judith; Bradley, Kyle; Tsang, Louisa L. H.; Liu, Yixiang; Burgmann, Roland; Hill, Emma M.
2020Subduction initiation and the rise of the Shillong PlateauMallick, Rishav; Hubbard, Judith; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Bradley, Kyle; Moore, James Daniel Paul; Ahsan, Aktarul; Alam, A. K. M. Khorshed; Hill, Emma M.
2021A unified framework for earthquake sequences and the growth of geological structure in fold-thrust beltsMallick, Rishav; Bürgmann, Roland; Johnson, Kaj; Hubbard, Judith