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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A microfluidic approach to investigate the effects of bacteria deposition in porous media containing randomly packed microbeads via real-time pressure measurementTeo, Ting Wei; Shen, Xinhui; Tan, Pei Yen; Marcos
2017Microfluidic studies on flow manipulation to assist metastasis researchTran, Duc Quang
2021Microfluidics modelling of interstitial flow through a tumor and the study of tumor cell under dielectrophoresisTay, Benjamin Zikai
 2020Modelling bacterial chemotaxis for indirectly binding attractantsTan, Pei Yen; Marcos; Liu, Yu
2019Modelling the chemotactic response of escherichia coli to signalling molecule AI-2Tan, Pei Yen
2023Nail painting automationLim, Timothy Jin Hng
2017Numerical simulation of non-newtonian fluid at low reynolds numberKoh, Aldric Boon Wee
2018Permeability and viscoelastic fracture of a model tumor under interstitial flowTran, Quang D.; Marcos; Gonzalez-Rodriguez, David
2018Physics of low Reynolds number locomotionShen, Xinhui
2016Preferential bucklingHow, Wai Lum
2022Selective single-bacteria extraction based on capture and release of microemulsion dropletsLi, Jiyu; Hu, Dinglong; Lim, Chee Kent; Ren, Jifeng; Yao, Xin; Ma, Chao; Marcos; Chen, Weiqiang; Lee, Patrick K. H.; Lam, Raymond H. W.
2017Slow viscous flow around two particles in a cylinderYao, Xin; Marcos; Wong, Teck Neng
2016Slow viscous flow of two particles in a cylindrical tubeYao, Xin
2018Slow viscous flow of two porous spherical particles translating along the axis of a cylinderYao, Xin; Ng, Chyi Huey; Teo, Amanda Jia Rui; Marcos; Wong, Teck Neng
2018Spreading dynamics of liquid dropletsLim, Qin Ni
2021A study of distance sensing for bicycle collision warning systemOng, Min Shun
2022A study of how ciliates detect their predators through chemoreception sensorsAshvin Ravichandran
2018Supervised learning to predict sperm sorting by magnetophoresisShen, Xinhui; Marcos; Koh, James Boon Yong
2022A technique for rapid bacterial-density enumeration through membrane filtration and differential pressure measurementsShen, Xinhui; Teo, Ting Wei; Kong, Tian Fook; Marcos
2018Theoretical study of spermatozoa sorting by dielectrophoresis or magnetophoresis with supervised learningKoh, James Boon Yong