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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A new remote sensing method to estimate river to ocean DOC flux in peatland dominated Sarawak coastal regions, BorneoHock, Sim Chun; Cherukuru, Nagur; Mujahid, Aazani; Martin, Patrick; Sanwlani, Nivedita; Warneke, Thorsten; Rixen, Tim; Notholt, Justus; Müller, Moritz
2018Particulate polyphosphate and alkaline phosphatase activity across a latitudinal transect in the tropical Indian OceanMartin, Patrick; Lauro, Federico M.; Sarkar, Amit; Prakash, Satya; Vinayachandran, P. N.; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank
2022Rising dissolved organic carbon concentrations in coastal waters of northwestern Borneo related to tropical peatland conversionSanwlani, Nivedita; Evans, Chris D.; Müller, Moritz; Cherukuru, Nagur; Martin, Patrick
2021A semi-analytical optical remote sensing model to estimate suspended sediment and dissolved organic carbon in tropical coastal waters influenced by peatland-draining river discharges off Sarawak, BorneoCherukuru, Nagur; Martin, Patrick; Sanwlani, Nivedita; Mujahid, Aazani; Müller, Moritz
2020Sub-annual fluorescence measurements of coral skeleton : relationship between skeletal luminescence and terrestrial humic-like substancesKaushal, Nikita; Yang, Liudongqing; Tanzil, Jani Thuaibah Isa; Lee, Jen Nie; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank; Martin, Patrick
2019Temporal and spatial dynamics of Bacteria, Archaea and protists in equatorial coastal watersChénard, Caroline; Wijaya, Winona; Vaulot, Daniel; Lopes dos Santos, Adriana; Martin, Patrick; Kaur, Avneet; Lauro, Federico M.
2014Where is mineral ballast important for surface export of particulate organic carbon in the ocean?Le Moigne, Frédéric A.C.; Pabortsava, Katsiaryna; Marcinko, Charlotte L.J.; Martin, Patrick; Sanders, Richard J.