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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Sampling great circles at their rate of innovationDeslauriers-Gauthier, Samuel; Marziliano, Pina
2013Sampling Signals With a Finite Rate of Innovation on the SphereDeslauriers-Gauthier, Samuel; Marziliano, Pina
 2012Spherical finite rate of innovation theory for the recovery of fiber orientationsDeslauriers-Gauthier, Samuel; Marziliano, Pina
 2012Step-edge reconstruction using 2D finite rate of innovation principleKot, Alex Chichung; Chen, Changsheng; Marziliano, Pina
 2013Two new parameters to assess anterior chamber angle for SS-OCT imagesNi, Soe Ni; Tian, Jing; Marziliano, Pina; Wong, Hon Tym
 2013The unified extreme learning machines and discriminative random fields for automatic knee cartilage and meniscus segmentation from multi-contrast MR imagesZhang, Kunlei; Lu, Wenmiao; Marziliano, Pina