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 2012Determination of excitation capacitance of a three-phase self-excited induction generatorMaswood, Ali I.; Haque, M. H.
 2012Efficiency of silicon carbide based power inverters analytical resultsRaj, Pinkymol Harikrishna.; Vu, P. L. A.; Maswood, Ali I.
2013An efficient UPF rectifier for a stand-alone wind energy conversion systemVenkataraman, Aditya; Maswood, Ali I.; Sarangan, Nirnaya; Gabriel, Ooi H. P.
 2012High power multilevel inverter with unity PF front-end rectifierGabriel, Ooi H. P.; Rahman, M. A.; Maswood, Ali I.
 2012Maximum power extraction of tidal streamsMaswood, Ali I.; Jahromi, Mahda J.; Tehrani, Nima H.; Bhangu, Bicky S.; Tseng, King Jet
 2012Silicon carbide based inverters for energy efficiencyVu, P. L. A.; Rahman, M. A.; Maswood, Ali I.
 2012Tidal in-stream generation with improved PCC voltage profileJahromi, Mahda J.; Maswood, Ali I.; Bhangu, Bicky S.; Tseng, King Jet