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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012GPS multipath mitigation : a nonlinear regression approachTan, Su-Lim; Phan, Quoc-Huy; McLoughlin, Ian Vince
 2012Measuring resonances of the vocal tract using frequency sweeps at the lipsAhmadi, Farzaneh; McLoughlin, Ian Vince
 2012MetroBuzz : interactive 3D visualization of spatiotemporal dataZeng, Wei; Zhong, Chen; Anwar, Afian; Arisona, Stefan Müller; McLoughlin, Ian Vince
 2011Nonintrusive quality assessment of noise suppressed speech with Mel-Filtered energies and support vector regressionNarwaria, Manish; Lin, Weisi; McLoughlin, Ian Vince; Emmanuel, Sabu; Chia, Clement Liang-Tien
 2010TCP/IP link layer error mitigation for MIMO wireless linksMcLoughlin, Ian Vince; Sirisena, Harsha
 2012Whisper vowel diagrams for Singapore englishSharifzadeh, Hamid Reza; McLoughlin, Ian Vince