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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012"Anak dara" : at the crossroads of gender and ethnic identity in Singapore.Mohamed Latiff Mohamed Haikel Fansuri.
2013Behaviour on public transportation - the study on priority seats in Singapore.Lim, Shan Shan.
2014The Christian sociological imagination : dominant-subordinate magisteria in sociological ambivalenceLee, Tommy Kevin Ke Wei
2017Climate change and food in/security : a critical nexusMd Saidul Islam; Wong, Andrea Ting
2018Climate change and resilience in industrial aquaculture : a study of community capitals in the shrimp-farming zone in BangladeshShaikh Mohammad Kais
2013Corporate social responsibility - a case study of Starbucks.Chan, Mirabel.
2013Eco-governmentality : a discursive analysis of state-NGOs-youth relations in the field of environment.Pey, Pei Li.
2013Gender and nationalism : the subaltern woman in a war commemorative museum.Chua, Min Yi.
2013Generation-Y Singaporeans : negotiating the Singapore identity vis-à-vis the influx of foreigners.Loh, Desiree Jiawen.
2012Global value chain analysis of the formation of governance structures in the offshore outsourced service industry.Chua, Beavan Wei Jun.
2017Impacts of and resilience to climate change at the bottom of the shrimp commodity chain in Bangladesh : a preliminary investigationShaikh Mohammad Kais; Md Saidul Islam
2018Islam, politics and secularism in Bangladesh : contesting the dominant narrativesMd Nazrul Islam; Md Saidul Islam
2015"Migrant network : help or hindrance?" : the case of Indonesian student migrants in SingaporeTander, Clarissa
2017Non-meat diet and its contribution to environmentalism in SingaporeLim, Rui Xin
2015The nostalgia industry : producing longing and belonging in SingaporeLim, Jialiang
2019Perception of climate change in shrimp-farming communities in Bangladesh : a critical assessmentShaikh Mohammad Kais; Md Saidul Islam
2018Politics and Islamic revivalism in Bangladesh : the role of the state and non-state/non-political actorsMd Nazrul Islam; Md Saidul Islam
2016(re)Presenting political perspectives : privileging pragmatism or persecuting pluralism?Koh, Ian Russell
2016‘Simulations and spectacles' : a study on theme park consumption among young Singaporean adultsTan, Sakino
2015Singapore's Baweanese : making sense of a Malay sub-ethnic group identityMuhammad Afiq Mohd Yusoff