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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Impacts of and resilience to climate change at the bottom of the shrimp commodity chain in Bangladesh : a preliminary investigationShaikh Mohammad Kais; Md Saidul Islam
2018Islam, politics and secularism in Bangladesh : contesting the dominant narrativesMd Nazrul Islam; Md Saidul Islam
2015"Migrant network : help or hindrance?" : the case of Indonesian student migrants in SingaporeTander, Clarissa
2017Non-meat diet and its contribution to environmentalism in SingaporeLim, Rui Xin
2015The nostalgia industry : producing longing and belonging in SingaporeLim, Jialiang
2019Perception of climate change in shrimp-farming communities in Bangladesh : a critical assessmentShaikh Mohammad Kais; Md Saidul Islam
2018Politics and Islamic revivalism in Bangladesh : the role of the state and non-state/non-political actorsMd Nazrul Islam; Md Saidul Islam
2016(re)Presenting political perspectives : privileging pragmatism or persecuting pluralism?Koh, Ian Russell
2016‘Simulations and spectacles' : a study on theme park consumption among young Singaporean adultsTan, Sakino
2015Singapore's Baweanese : making sense of a Malay sub-ethnic group identityMuhammad Afiq Mohd Yusoff
2015A walk in the park : the social space of urban parks in SingaporeKoo, Shi Min
2016"Work-in-Life" : reconsidering work-life balance in SingaporeWee, Ying Wei
2017You are what you eat : ethical eating among college studentsGoh, Ching Yee
2017Youtube’s Participatory Culture and Democratic PotentialSoong, Denise Ee Lyn