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1998Characteristics of InGaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectorsXu, S. J.; Chua, S. J.; Mei, T.; Wang, X. C.; Zhang, X. H.; Karunasiri, G.; Fan, Weijun; Wang, C. H.; Jiang, J.; Wang, S.; Xie, X. G.
2005Growth of p-type GaAs∕AlGaAs(111) quantum well infrared photodetector using solid source molecular-beam epitaxyLi, H.; Mei, T.; Karunasiri, G.; Yuan, K. H.; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Dao Hua; Yoon, Soon Fatt
2014Low dimension structures and devices for new generation photonic technologyZhang, D. H.; Tang, D. Y.; Chen, T. P.; Mei, T.; Yuan, X. C.
 2011New structures and materials for next generation photonic technologyMei, T.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Tang, Dingyuan; Yuan, Xiaocong; Chen, Tupei
1998Polarization dependence of intraband absorption in self-organized quantum dotsChua, S. J.; Xu, S. J.; Zhang, X. H.; Wang, X. C.; Mei, T.; Fan, Weijun; Wang, C. H.; Jiang, J.; Xie, X. G.