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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Development of MEMS RF inductors on silicon wafersWang, Guang Yu
 2018Diffraction grating integrated on micromachined stepper motor for diversity implementation in imaging spectroscopyMuttikulangara, Sanathanan Swaminathan; Baranski, Maciej; Rehman, Shakil; Hu, Liangxing; Miao, Jianmin
 2012Displacement and resonance behaviors of a piezoelectric diaphragm driven by a double-sided spiral electrodeShen, Zhiyuan; Olfatnia, Mohammad; Miao, Jianmin; Wang, Zhihong
2007Double exposure time averaged in-line digital holographySingh, Vijay Raj; Anand, Asundi; Miao, Jianmin
2007Dynamic characterization of MEMS diaphragm using time averaged in-line digital holographyMiao, Jianmin; Singh, Vijay Raj; Wang, Zhihong; Hegde, Gopalkrishna M.; Anand, Asundi
2018Engineering biomimetic hair bundle sensors for underwater sensing applicationsKottapalli, Ajay Giri Prakash; Asadnia, Mohsen; Karavitaki, K. Domenica; Warkiani, Majid Ebrahimi; Miao, Jianmin; Corey, David P.; Triantafyllou, Michael
 2018Enhanced field emission properties of carbon nanotube bundles confined in SiO2 pitsLim, Yu Dian; Grapov, Dmitry; Hu, Liangxing; Kong, Qinyu; Tay, Beng Kang; Labunov, Vladimir; Miao, Jianmin; Coquet, Philippe; Aditya, Sheel
2015Enhanced visualization of fine needles under sonographic guidance using a MEMS actuatorShen, Zhiyuan; Zhou, Yufeng; Miao, Jianmin; Vu, Kien Fong
 2012Facile growth of horizontally suspended carbon nanotubesLu, Jingyu; Miao, Jianmin; Yan, Bin
 2017Field emission properties of SiO2-wrapped CNT field emitterLim, Yu Dian; Hu, Liangxing; Xia, Xin; Ali, Zishan; Wang, Shaomeng; Tay, Beng Kang; Aditya, Sheel; Miao, Jianmin
2017Fish-inspired self-powered microelectromechanical flow sensor with biomimetic hydrogel cupulaBora, M.; Kottapalli, A. G. P.; Miao, Jianmin; Triantafyllou, M. S.
 2012A flexible liquid crystal polymer MEMS pressure sensor array for fish-like underwater sensingAsadnia, M.; Triantafyllou, Michael S.; Kottapalli, Ajay G. P.; Miao, Jianmin; Barbastathis, George
2017Flexible liquid crystal polymer-based electrochemical sensor for in-situ detection of zinc(II) in seawaterWang, Nan; Kanhere, Elgar; Kottapalli, Ajay Giri Prakash; Miao, Jianmin; Triantafyllou, Michael S.
 2013Giant flexoelectric polarization in a micromachined ferroelectric diaphragmZhu, Weiguang; Wang, Zhihong; Zhang, Xi Xiang; Wang, Xianbin; Yue, Weisheng; Li, Jingqi; Miao, Jianmin
2012Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes : a nano Czochralski modelLu, Jingyu; Miao, Jianmin
2015Improved Selectivity and Sensitivity of Gas Sensing Using a 3D Reduced Graphene Oxide Hydrogel with an Integrated MicroheaterWu, Jin; Tao, Kai; Miao, Jianmin; Norford, Leslie K.
2019In-phase synchronization between two auto-oscillating bubblesNguyen, Dang Minh; Sanathanan, Muttikulangara Swaminathan; Miao, Jianmin; Rivas, David Fernandez; Ohl, Claus-Dieter
2002Industrial attachment report on quality and reliability of Pb-free solder jointMarsellus Yohz Hendryanto
2018Investigation of a thin‐film quasi‐reference electrode fabricated by combined sputtering‐evaporation approachWang, Nan; Kanhere, Elgar; Tao, Kai; Hu, Liangxing; Wu, Jin; Miao, Jianmin; Triantafyllou, Michael S.
 2018Investigation of multimodal electret-based MEMS energy harvester with impact-induced nonlinearityTao, Kai; Tang, Lihua; Wu, Jin; Lye, Sun Woh; Chang, Honglong; Miao, Jianmin