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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Sandwich structured electrostatic/electrets parallel-plate power generator for low acceleration and low frequency vibration energy harvestingMiao, Jianmin; Liu, S. W.; Lye, S. W.
2018Self-steerable propulsion of disk-like micro-craft with dual off-center nanoenginesHu, Liangxing; Tao, Kai; Lim, Yu Dian; Miao, Jianmin; Kim, Young Jin
2003Studies on digital holography and interferometric application in micromeasurementXu, Lei.
 2018Three-dimensional hierarchical and superhydrophobic graphene gas sensor with good immunity to humidityWu, Jin; Tao, Kai; Miao, Jianmin; Norford, Leslie Keith
 2013Through-silicon via fabrication with pulse-reverse electroplating for high density nanoelectronicsLin, Nay; Miao, Jianmin
2012Tunable piezoresistance and noise in gate-all-around nanowire field-effect-transistorSingh, Pushpapraj; Park, Woo-Tae; Miao, Jianmin; Shao, Lichun; Kotlanka, Rama Krishna; Kwong, Dim Lee