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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2019Misfolded protein linked strategies toward biomarker development for neurodegenerative diseasesKumar, Sundramurthy; Karthikeyan, Narayanan; Mishra, Sachin; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Radda, George; Gulyás, Balázs
2016Nanoparticle Functionalization and Its Potentials for Molecular ImagingThiruppathi, Rukmani; Mishra, Sachin; Ganapathy, Mathangi; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs
2021Nanotechnology facilitated cultured neuronal network and its applicationsSingh, Satnam; Mishra, Sachin; Juha, Song; Pramanik, Manojit; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs
2021Neurophysiological correlates of cognition as revealed by virtual reality : delving the brain with a synergistic approachMishra, Sachin; Kumar, Ajay; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs
2017An Overview of Multimodal Neuroimaging Using NanoprobesSridhar, Sriram; Mishra, Sachin; Gulyás, Miklós; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs
2018Peripheral biomarkers for early detection of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseasesHtike, Thein Than; Mishra, Sachin; Kumar, Sundramurthy; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs
2018The potential of cognitive neuroimaging : a way forward to the mind-machine interfacePandarinathan, Ganesh; Mishra, Sachin; Nedumaran, Anu; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman; Gulyás, Balázs
2017Theranostic Probes for Targeting Tumor Microenvironment: An OverviewSikkandhar, Musafar Gani; Nedumaran, Anu Maashaa; Ravichandar, Roopa; Singh, Satnam; Santhakumar, Induja; Goh, Zheng Cong; Mishra, Sachin; Archunan, Govindaraju; Gulyás, Balázs; Padmanabhan, Parasuraman