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20163D printing of anatomy bio-models for medical educationTan, Heang Kuan Joel; Yap, Yee Ling; Peh, Zhen Kai; Yeong, Wai Yee; Mogali, Sreenivasulu Reddy; Srinivasan, Dinesh Kumar; Ferenczi, Michael Alan
2017Human anatomy in ancient Indian sculptures of Gandhara art illustrating the fasting BuddhaAbrahams, Peter; Mogali, Sreenivasulu Reddy
2019Multi-material three dimensional printed models for simulation of bronchoscopyTan, Joel Heang Kuan; Lim, Albert Yick Hou; Ferenczi, Michael Alan; Mogali, Sreenivasulu Reddy; Ho, Brian Han Khai; Chen, Cecilia Jiayu; Tan, Gerald Jit Shen; Yeong, Wai Yee
 2019Scan and learn : quick response code enabled museum for mobile learning of anatomy and pathologyMogali, Sreenivasulu Reddy; Vallabhajosyula, Ranganath; Ng, Chee Hon; Lim, Darren; Ang, Eng Tat; Abrahams, Peter
2019An unusual arrangement of accessory fissures observed in left lungPandiaraja, Madhumitha; Mogali, Sreenivasulu Reddy