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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Kedah the weakest link for PR in GE 13?Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2007Marginalisation and the Indian community in MalaysiaMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2006Muslim states' response to Pope's controversial speechMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2008Outlook for Malaysia's 12th general electionsShahirah Mahmood; Liow, Joseph Chin Yong; Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2008Pakistan and Benazir : the way forwardMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2009PAS Beyond the 2009 Party Elections: Islamism or Post-Islamism?Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2019The People's Action Party and the Singapore presidency in 2017 : understanding the contradictions between state discourse and state practiceMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman; Waikar, Prashant
2008Race and religion in the 2008 Malaysian general electionsShahirah Mahmood; Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2008Reforming PAS : from Islamism to post-IslamismMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2009Reviving the Caliphate in the Nusantara: Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia’s Mobilization Strategy and Its Impact in IndonesiaMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
 2014Salafi Ulama in UMNO : political convergence or expediency?Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2017Sarawak state elections 2016 : revisiting federalism in MalaysiaMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman; Rashaad Ali
 2018The secular and the religious in the management of Islam in SingaporeMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2008The Shariah and Muslim societiesMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2017Shiite Resistance to Malaysian Religious OrthodoxyIulia Lumina; Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2007Towards a history of Malaysian ulamaMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2008Towards a Middle Way Islam in Southeast Asia: Contributions of the Gülen MovementMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2006Traditional Islam : meeting the challenge of the radical islamistsMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2011Tunisia : new model for progressive Islamism?Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
2007Turkey's Gulen movement and global Islamic activismMohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman