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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011Identification of residues involved in water versus glycerol selectivity in aquaporins by differential residue pair co-evolutionLin, Xin; Hong, Tian; Mu, Yuguang; Torres, Jaume
2019Incorporating G-C pair-recognizing Guanidinium into PNAs for sequence and structure specific recognition of dsRNAs over dsDNAs and ssRNAsKrishna, Manchugondanahalli S.; Wang, Zhenzhang; Zheng, Liangzhen; Bowry, Jogesh; Ong, Alan Ann Lerk; Mu, Yuguang; Prabakaran, Mookkan; Chen, Gang
2012Initial binding of Ions to the interhelical loops of divalent ion transporter CorA : replica exchange molecular dynamics simulation studyMu, Yuguang; Zhang, Tong
2018Interactions of a paracyclophane-based conjugated oligoelectrolyte with biological membranesLimwongyut, Jakarin; Liu, Yang; Chilambi, Gayatri Shankar; Seviour, Thomas; Hinks, Jamie; Mu, Yuguang; Bazan, Guillermo C.
2019Ligand binding induces agonistic-like conformational adaptations in helix 12 of progesterone receptor ligand binding domainZheng, Liangzhen; Xia, Kelin; Mu, Yuguang
2012Lipid interaction and membrane perturbation of human islet amyloid polypeptide monomer and dimer by molecular dynamics simulationsZhang, Yun; Luo, Yin; Deng, Yonghua; Mu, Yuguang; Wei, Guanghong
2013Locking the 150-cavity open : in silico design and verification of influenza neuraminidase inhibitorsHan, Nanyu; Mu, Yuguang
2013Membrane binding and insertion of a pHLIP peptide studied by all-atom molecular dynamics simulationsZhang, Yun; Deng, Yonghua; Qian, Zhenyu; Luo, Yin; Mu, Yuguang; Wei, Guanghong
2011The molecular basis of distinct aggregation pathways of islet amyloid polypeptideChan-Park, Mary B.; Wei, Lei; Jiang, Ping; Xu, Weixin; Li, Hai; Zhang, Hua; Yan, Liang Yu; Liu, Xue-Wei; Tang, Kai; Mu, Yuguang; Pervushin, Konstantin
 2012Molecular dynamics simulation study on the molecular structures of the amylin fibril modelsXu, Weixin; Su, Haibin; Mu, Yuguang; Zhang, John Z. H.
2017Nanoparticles of short cationic peptidopolysaccharide self-assembled by hydrogen bonding with antibacterial effect against multidrug-resistant bacteriaHou, Zheng; Shankar, Yogesh Vikhe; Liu, Yang; Ding, Feiqing; Subramanion, Jothy Lachumy; Ravikumar, Vikashini; Zamudio-Vázquez, Rubí; Keogh, Damien; Lim, Huiwen; Tay, Moon Yue Feng; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Rice, Scott A.; Shi, Jian; Duan, Hongwei; Liu, Xue-Wei; Mu, Yuguang; Tan, Nguan Soon; Tam, Kam C.; Pethe, Kevin; Chan-Park, Mary B.
2012The natively disordered loop of Bcl-2 undergoes phosphorylation-dependent conformational change and interacts with Pin1Bharatham, Nagakumar; Chia, Joel; Mu, Yuguang; Baek, Kwanghee; Yoon, Ho Sup; Kang, CongBao
2019The necessity of d-Thr in the new antibiotic teixobactin : a molecular dynamics studyLiu, Yang ; Li, Weifeng; Chan-Park, Mary B.; Mu, Yuguang
2018Optimization of replica exchange temperature ladder under the well-tempered ensembleLiu, Yang; Li, Weifeng; Mu, Yuguang
2018Phospho‐regulation of intrinsically disordered proteins for actin assembly and endocytosisMiao, Yansong; Tipakornsaowapak, Teepiyanut; Zheng, Liangzhen; Mu, Yuguang; Lewellyn, Eric
2013Plasticity of 150-loop in influenza neuraminidase explored by Hamiltonian replica exchange molecular dynamics simulationsHan, Nanyu; Mu, Yuguang
2020Plasticity of the 340-loop in influenza neuraminidase offers new insight for antiviral drug developmentHan, Nanyu; Ng, Justin Tze Yang; Li, Yanpeng; Mu, Yuguang; Huang, Zunxi
 2012Population shift between the open and closed states changes the water permeability of an aquaporin Z mutantXin, Lin; Hélix-Nielsen, Claus; Su, Haibin; Torres, Jaume; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Wang, Rong; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Mu, Yuguang
2018Profilin negatively regulates formin-mediated actin assembly to modulate pamp-triggered plant immunitySun, He; Qiao, Zhu; Chua, Khi Pin; Tursic, Alma; Liu, Xu; Gao, Yong-Gui; Mu, Yuguang; Hou, Xingliang; Miao, Yansong
 2018Proposing drug fragments for dengue virus NS5 proteinAlhossary, Amr; Awuni, Yaw; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Mu, Yuguang