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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008"Dramatising" counter-ideologyMohamed Redzuan Salleh; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2011The Egyptian uprising : waning threat of the jihadistsMohamed Redzuan Salleh; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2004Fight against terror : psychological defence, ideological responseMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Mushahid Ali
2004Fragmented terrorist organisation : lesser or larger threatMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2008Interpreting Islam On Plural SocietyMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2012Jihad ideas of 'Abd Allah' Azzam and their implications for national securityMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2010Jihadism studies in counter ideology : time for initiation in universitiesMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Mohamed Redzuan Salleh
2007Living in a non-Muslim country : responding to the idea of hijrah (migration)Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2004Madrasahs as partners in the ideological war against terrorismMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Yang Razali Kassim
2008Online "curriculum" of Jihad: four broad themesMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2004Osama Bin Laden's peace overture : a strategic shift or a new threatMushahid Ali; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2011Osama's burial : how it should have beenMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan
2011Osama's demise and Zawahiri's rise : weakening of Al QaedaMuhammad Saiful Adli Ayob; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2006Recognising the teachers of religion : some food for thoughtMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2006Refuting the idea of jihad as a perpetual war between Muslims and non-MuslimsMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2007Revisiting Dar Al-Islam (Land of Islam) and Dar Al-Harb (Land of War)Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2005Robbery in the name of JihadMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2005Saudi Arabia after Fahd : prospects for change and reformMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2011Solving the Libyan quagmire : exile option for Gaddafi?Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2006Towards an index of islamic governanceMuhammad Haniff Hassan