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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Recognising the teachers of religion : some food for thoughtMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2006Refuting the idea of jihad as a perpetual war between Muslims and non-MuslimsMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2007Revisiting Dar Al-Islam (Land of Islam) and Dar Al-Harb (Land of War)Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2005Robbery in the name of JihadMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2005Saudi Arabia after Fahd : prospects for change and reformMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2011Solving the Libyan quagmire : exile option for Gaddafi?Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan; Muhammad Haniff Hassan
2006Towards an index of islamic governanceMuhammad Haniff Hassan
2005Trouble in Thailand's Muslim South : what a stronger Thaksin can doMuhammad Haniff Hassan