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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Frequent cases of RAS-mutated down syndrome acute lymphoblastic leukaemia lack JAK2 mutationsNikolaev, Sergey I.; Garieri, Marco; Santoni, Federico; Falconnet, Emilie; Ribaux, Pascale; Guipponi, Michel; Murray, Aoife; Groet, Jürgen; Giarin, Emanuela; Basso, Giuseppe; Nizetic, Dean; Antonarakis, Stylianos E.
2020Localized delivery of CRISPR/dCas9 via layer-by-layer self-assembling peptide coating on nanofibers for neural tissue engineeringZhang, Kunyu; Chooi, Wai Hon; Liu, Shuang; Chin, Jiah Shin; Murray, Aoife; Nizetic, Dean; Cheng, Du; Chew, Sing Yian
2018Scaffold mediated gene knockdown for neuronal differentiation of human neural progenitor cellsChooi, Wai Hon; Ong, William; Murray, Aoife; Lin, Junquan; Nizetic, Dean; Chew, Sing Yian