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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Bessel-Gauss beam light sheet assisted fluorescence imaging of Trabecular meshwork in the Iridocorneal region using long working distance objectivesSandeep, C. S. Suchand; Sreelatha, Sarangapani; Baskaran, Mani; Hong, Jeesmond Xun Jie; Aung, Tin; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2019Breaking diffraction limit of far-field imaging via structured illumination bessel beam microscope (SIBM)Perinchery, Sandeep Menon; Haridas, Aswin; Shinde, Anant; Buchnev, Oleksandr; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2016Characterization and optimization of illumination vector for contouring surface form and feature using DSPISong, Chaolong; Prasad, A. S. Guru; Chan, Kelvin H. K.; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2017Contact lens assisted imaging with integrated flexible handheld probe for glaucoma diagnosisHong, Jeesmond Xun Jie; Shinoj, Vengalathunadakal Kuttinarayanan; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham; Baskaran, Mani; Aung, Tin
2020(Cu2O-Au) - Graphene - Au layered structures as efficient near Infra - Red SERS substratesNair, Radhika V.; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2015Dielectric supported bimetal layer configuration for long-range surface plasmon polariton interference–based subwavelength lithographyPrabhathan, Patinharekandy; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
 2021Direct laser writing of graphene-based electrical interconnects for printed circuit board repairLim, Joel Chin Huat; Suchand Sandeep, Chandramathi Sukumaran; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham; Kim, Young-Jin
 2011Discrete and fine wavelength tunable thermo-optic WSS for low power consumption C+L band tunabilityPrabhathan, Patinharekandy; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham; Zhang, Huijuan; Chen, Shiyi; Zhang, Jing
2019Enhanced absorption in a graphene embedded 1D guided-mode-resonance structure without back-reflector and interferometrically written gratingsSahoo, Pankaj Kumar; Pae, Jian Yi; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2004Fabrication of micro-optical lenses for fiber optics applicationsPradeep Kumar Chandran.
2017Fiber optic probe for region of interest (ROI) selective time averaged multi-fluorescence imagingShinde, Anant; Perinchery, Sandeep Menon; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2017Fractal speckle image analysis for surface characterization of aerospace structuresHaridas, Aswin; Crivoi, Alexandru; Prabhathan, P.; Chan, Kelvin; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2017Geometric approach to the design of an imaging probe to evaluate the iridocorneal angle structuresHong, Jesmond Xun Jie; Shinoj, Vengalathunadakal Kuttinarayanan; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham; Baskaran, Mani; Aung, Tin
2020Gold nano-urchins for plasmonic enhancement of random lasing in a dye-doped polymerGummaluri, Venkata Siva; Gayathri, R.; Vijayan, C.; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2019Grating-coupled plasmonic sensor for sucrose sensing fabricated using optical fiber-based interference lithography (OFIL) systemPae, Jian Yi; Sahoo, Pankaj Kumar; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2012Hollow-core photonic crystal fiber based multifunctional optical system for trapping, position sensing, and detection of fluorescent particlesShinoj, Vengalathunadakal Kuttinarayanan; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2015Hybrid-modality ocular imaging using a clinical ultrasound system and nanosecond pulsed laserLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2021Hyperspectral z-scan: measurement of spectrally resolved nonlinear optical propertiesAntony, Maria Merin; Suchand Sandeep, Chandramathi Sukumaran; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2017Imaging objects behind small obstacles using axicon lensPerinchery, Sandeep Menon; Shinde, Anant; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2016Individual speckle diffraction based 1D and 2D Random Grating Fabrication for detector and solar energy harvesting applicationsBingi, Jayachandra; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham