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 2019Bonding temperature effects on the wide gap transient liquid phase bonding of Inconel 718 using BNi-2 paste filler metalYan, Guangxu; Bhowmik, Ayan; Nagarajan, Balasubramanian; Song, Xu; Tan, Sung Chyn; Tan, Ming Jen
2015Fabrication of 3D microfeatures on thin metal foils using laser-induced shock pressureNagarajan, Balasubramanian
 2019Induction transient liquid phase bonding of Inconel 718 with the nickel-based sintered brazing preformYan, Guangxu; Nagarajan, Balasubramanian; Bhowmik, Ayan; Tan, Sung Chyn; Xu, Ray; Tan, Ming Jen
2015Influence of heat treatment on the conductivity of nickel-based superalloysNagarajan, Balasubramanian; Castagne, Sylvie; Annamalai, Swaminathan; Fan, Zheng; Wong, Chow Cher
2016Introduction of enhanced compressive residual stress profiles in aerospace components using combined mechanical surface treatmentsGopinath, Abhay; Lim, Andre; Nagarajan, Balasubramanian; Wong, Chow Cher; Maiti, Rajarshi; Castagne, Sylvie
2014Investigation of laser-induced plasma evolution in flexible pad laser shock forming with high speed cameraNagarajan, Balasubramanian; Wang, Zhongke; Castagne, Sylvie; Zheng, Hongyu
2013Mold-free fabrication of 3D microfeatures using laser-induced shock pressureNagarajan, Balasubramanian; Castagne, Sylvie; Wang, Zhongke