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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011Image quality assessment based on gradient similarityLiu, Anmin; Lin, Weisi; Narwaria, Manish
 2012Low-complexity video quality assessment using temporal quality variationsNarwaria, Manish; Lin, Weisi; Liu, Anmin
 2011Nonintrusive quality assessment of noise suppressed speech with Mel-Filtered energies and support vector regressionNarwaria, Manish; Lin, Weisi; McLoughlin, Ian Vince; Emmanuel, Sabu; Chia, Clement Liang-Tien
 2012Scalable image quality assessment with 2D mel-cepstrum and machine learning approachNarwaria, Manish; Lin, Weisi; Cetin, A. Enis
 2011SVD-based quality metric for image and video using machine learningNarwaria, Manish; Lin, Weisi