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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2020Tonal design : a mathematical guide in constructing mood and weatherNg, Woon Lam
2013三城记 = A tale of three citiesNg, Woon Lam
2011写生, 写生 = Live and aliveNg, Woon Lam
2015形色从容 = A jazz of colors and shapesNg, Woon Lam
2016探 = In search of harmonyNg, Woon Lam
2019涂涂写写 = Alchemy of color and brushworkNg, Woon Lam
2021笔趣 = Joy of brushworkNg, Woon Lam
2014笔飞错舞 = Perception and delusionNg, Woon Lam; Low, Don Chee Mun