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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Determination of the archaeal and bacterial communities in two-phase and single-stage anaerobic systems by 454 pyrosequencingMaspolim, Yogananda; Zhou, Yan; Guo, Chenghong; Xiao, Keke; Ng, Wun Jern
2014Effect of a high strength chemical industry wastewater on microbial community dynamics and mesophilic methane generationVenkatakrishnan, Harish; Tan, Youming; Majid, Maszenan bin Abdul; Pathak, Santosh; Sendjaja, Antonius Yudi; Li, Dongzhe; Liu, Jerry Jian Lin; Zhou, Yan; Ng, Wun Jern
2015The effect of pH on solubilization of organic matter and microbial community structures in sludge fermentationMaspolim, Yogananda; Zhou, Yan; Guo, Chenghong; Xiao, Keke; Ng, Wun Jern
2014Effects of various TiO2 nanostructures and graphene oxide on photocatalytic activity of TiO2Gao, Peng; Li, Anran; Sun, Darren Delai; Ng, Wun Jern
2014The efficient separation of surfactant-stabilized oil–water emulsions with a flexible and superhydrophilic graphene–TiO2 composite membraneGao, Peng; Liu, Zhaoyang; Sun, Darren Delai; Ng, Wun Jern
2014Enhanced carbon capture biosorption through process manipulationLim, Choon-Ping; Zhang, Sheng; Zhou, Yan; Ng, Wun Jern
 2012Fabrication of succinic acid-γ-Fe2O3 nano core –shellsJayarathne, L.; Ng, Wun Jern; Bandara, A.; Vitanage, M.; Dissanayake, C. B.; Weerasooriya, R.
 2019Facile preparation of fluorescent carbon dots for label-free detection of Fe3+Jayaweera, Supuli; Yin, Ke; Hu, Xiao; Ng, Wun Jern
 2012Fate of diclofenac in wetland mesocosms planted with Scirpus validusZhang, Dong Qing; Hua, Tao; Gersberg, Richard M.; Zhu, Junfei; Ng, Wun Jern; Tan, Soon Keat
 2019Fluorescent N/Al co-doped carbon dots from cellulose biomass for sensitive detection of manganese (VII)Jayaweera, Supuli; Yin, Ke; Hu, Xiao; Ng, Wun Jern
2015Free nitrous acid inhibition on carbon storage microorganisms: Accumulated inhibitory effects and recoverabilityGanda, Lily; Zhou, Yan; Lim, Choon-Ping; Liu, Yu; Ng, Wun Jern
 2012GPR model with signal preprocessing and bias update for dynamic processes modelingNi, Wangdong; Wang, Ke; Chen, Tao; Ng, Wun Jern; Tan, Soon Keat
 2012Hierarchical TiO2/CdS “spindle-like” composite with high photodegradation and antibacterial capability under visible light irradiationNg, Wun Jern; Gao, Peng; Liu, Jincheng; Zhang, Tong; Sun, Darren Delai
2015Impact of ozone assisted ultrasonication pre-treatment on anaerobic digestibility of sewage sludgeTrzcinski, Antoine Prandota; Tian, Xinbo; Lin, Li Leonard; Ng, Wun Jern
 2015Impact of undissociated volatile fatty acids on acidogenesis in a two-phase anaerobic systemMaspolim, Yogananda; Ng, Wun Jern; Xiao, Keke; Zhou, Yan; Guo, Chenghong
2014Insights on the solubilization products after combined alkaline and ultrasonic pre-treatment of sewage sludgeLin, Leonard; Ng, Wun Jern; Tian, Xinbo; Wang, Chong; Trzcinski, Antoine Prandota
2015Interpreting the synergistic effect in combined ultrasonication-ozonation sewage sludge pre-treatmentTian, Xinbo; Wang, Chong; Trzcinski, Antoine Prandota; Lin, Leonard; Ng, Wun Jern
 2012Localized, adaptive recursive partial least squares regression for dynamic system modelingBrown, Steven D.; Ni, Wangdong; Tan, Soon Keat; Ng, Wun Jern
2017Microbial stress mediated intercellular nanotubes in an anaerobic microbial consortium digesting celluloseJohn, Martina; Trzcinski, Antoine Prandota; Zhou, Yan; Ng, Wun Jern
 2012Moving-window GPR for nonlinear dynamic system modeling with dual updating and dual preprocessingNi, Wangdong; Tan, Soon Keat; Ng, Wun Jern; Brown, Steven D.