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 2012Copper molybdenum sulfide : a new efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen production from waterTran, Phong D.; Pramana, Stevin S.; Field, Martin J.; Nguyen, Mai; Bhattacharjee, Anirban; Chiam, Sing Yang; Fize, Jennifer; Artero, Vincent; Wong, Lydia Helena; Loo, Say Chye Joachim; Barber, James
2015Effect of Zn(O,S) buffer layer thickness on charge carrier relaxation dynamics of CuInSe2 solar cellSun, Juan; Nalla, Venkatram; Nguyen, Mai; Ren, Yi; Chiam, Sing Yang; Wang, Yue; Tai, Kong Fai; Sun, Handong; Zheludev, Nikolay; Batabyal, Sudip K.; Wong, Lydia H.
 2012Novel assembly of an MoS2 electrocatalyst onto a silicon nanowire array electrode to construct a photocathode composed of elements abundant on the Earth for hydrogen generationTran, Phong D.; Pramana, Stevin S.; Kale, Vinayak S.; Nguyen, Mai; Chiam, Sing Yang; Batabyal, Sudip Kumar; Wong, Lydia Helena; Barber, James; Loo, Say Chye Joachim