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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An advanced coarse-grained nucleosome core particle model for computer simulations of nucleosome-nucleosome interactions under varying ionic conditionsFan, Yanping; Korolev, Nikolay; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.
 2011Biophysical properties and supramolecular structure of self-assembled liposome/ε-peptide/DNA nanoparticles : correlation with gene deliveryYan, Jiang; Korolev, Nikolay; Eom, Khee Dong; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Tam, James P.
2022A bottom-up coarse-grained model for nucleosome–nucleosome interactions with explicit ionsSun, Tiedong; Minhas, Vishal; Mirzoev, Alexander; Korolev, Nikolay; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2021Bottom-up coarse-grained modeling of DNASun, Tiedong; Minhas, Vishal; Korolev, Nikolay; Mirzoev, Alexander; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2015Chromatin compaction under mixed salt conditions : opposite effects of sodium and potassium ions on nucleosome array foldingAllahverdi, Abdollah; Chen, Qinming; Korolev, Nikolay; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2014A coarse-grained DNA model parameterized from atomistic simulations by inverse Monte CarloKorolev, Nikolay; Luo, Di; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2020Compaction and self-association of megabase-sized chromatin are induced by anionic protein crowdingZinchenko, Anatoly; Chen, Qinming; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Wang, Sai; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2014Conformation-dependent DNA attractionNordenskiöld, Lars; Zhou, Ruhong; Mu, Yuguang; Li, Weifeng
2020Dynamic networks observed in the nucleosome core particles couple the histone globular domains with DNAShi, Xiangyan; Prasanna, Chinmayi; Soman, Aghil; Pervushin, Konstantin; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2018The effect of linker DNA on the structure and interaction of nucleosome core particlesHuang, Yen-Chih; Su, Chun-Jen; Korolev, Nikolay; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Wang, Sai; Soman, Aghil; Chen, Chun-Yu; Chen, Hsin-Lung; Jeng, U-Ser; Nordenskiöld, Lars
 2011The effect of salt on oligocation-induced chromatin condensationKorolev, Nikolay; Zhao, Yongqian; Allahverdi, Abdollah; Eom, Khee Dong; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Tam, James P.
2014How histone modifications change nucleosome stability : FRET studies on single molecules and in bulkLangowski, Jörg; Tóth, Katalin; Gansen, Alexander; Hetey, Szabolcs; Székvölgyi, Loránd; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2020The human telomeric nucleosome displays distinct structural and dynamic propertiesSoman, Aghil; Liew, Chong Wai; Teo, Hsiang Ling; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Olieric, Vincent; Korolev, Nikolay; Rhodes, Daniela; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2011Influence of histone tails and H4 tail acetylations on nucleosome–nucleosome interactionsLiu, Ying; Lu, Chenning; Yang, Ye; Fan, Yanping; Yang, Renliang; Liu, Chuan Fa; Korolev, Nikolay; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2016The Influence of Ionic Environment and Histone Tails on Ordered Columnar Phases of Nucleosome Core ParticlesBerezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Liu, Ying; Allahverdi, Abdollah; Yang, Renliang; Su, Chun-Jen; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Korolev, Nikolay; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2014ISWI remodelling of physiological chromatin fibres acetylated at Lysine 16 of Histone H4Klinker, Henrike; Mueller-Planitz, Felix; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Yang, Renliang; Forné, Ignasi; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Becker, Peter B.
2021Linker histone defines structure and self-association behaviour of the 177 bp human chromatosomeWang, Sai; Vogirala, Vinod Kumar; Soman, Aghil; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Liu, Barry Zhehui; Wong, Andrew See Weng; Korolev, Nikolay; Su, Chun-Jen; Sandin, Sara; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2018Magic v.3 : an integrated software package for systematic structure-based coarse-grainingMirzoev, Alexander; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Lyubartsev, Alexander
2020Modeling DNA flexibility : comparison of force fields from atomistic to multiscale levelsMinhas, Vishal; Sun, Tiedong; Mirzoev, Alexander; Korolev, Nikolay; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.; Nordenskiöld, Lars
 2012Modelling chromatin structure and dynamics : status and prospectsKorolev, Nikolay; Fan, Yanping; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.