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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012The polyelectrolyte properties of chromatinNordenskiöld, Lars; Korolev, Nikolay; Allahverdi, Abdollah; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.
 2013Principles of electrostatic interactions and self-assembly in lipid/peptide/DNA systems: Applications to gene deliveryBerezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Korolev, Nikolay; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2022Recent advances in investigating functional dynamics of chromatinShi, Xiangyan; Zhai, Ziwei; Chen, Yinglu; Li, Jindi; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2017Single-molecule compaction of megabase-long chromatin molecules by multivalent cationsZinchenko, Anatoly; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Wang, Sal; Rosencrans, William M.; Korolev, Nikolay; van der Maarel, Johan R. C.; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2017Single-molecule force spectroscopy on histone H4 tail-cross-linked chromatin reveals fiber foldingKaczmarczyk, Artur; Allahverdi, Abdollah; Brouwer, Thomas B.; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Dekker, Nynke H.; Van Noort, John
2020Solid-state NMR 13C, 15N assignments of human histone H3 in the nucleosome core particleShi, Xiangyan; Prasanna, Chinmayi; Pervushin, Konstantin; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2018Structure and dynamics in the nucleosome revealed by solid-state NMRShi, Xiangyan; Prasanna, Chinmayi; Nagashima, Toshio; Yamazaki, Toshio; Pervushin, Konstantin; Nordenskiöld, Lars
 2012Structure and internal organization of overcharged cationic-lipid/peptide/DNA self-assembly complexesYan, Jiang; Korolev, Nikolay; Su, Chun-Jen; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.
 2012Supramolecular organization in self-assembly of chromatin and cationic lipid bilayers is controlled by membrane charge densityLundberg, Dan; Korolev, Nikolay; Lu, Chenning; Yan, Jiang; Miguel, Maria; Lindman, Björn; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.
2018A systematic analysis of nucleosome core particle and nucleosome-nucleosome stacking structureKorolev, Nikolay; Lyubartsev, Alexander P.; Nordenskiöld, Lars
2009A universal description for the experimental behavior of salt-(in)dependent oligocation-induced DNA condensationKorolev, Nikolay; Eom, Khee Dong; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Berezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Tam, James P.