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2008Charge collection from within a collecting junction wellKurniawan, Oka.; Ong, Vincent K. S.
2009Choice of generation volume models for electron beam induced current computationOng, Vincent K. S.; Kurniawan, Oka.
2009Computation of charge collection probability for any collecting junction shapeOng, Vincent K. S.; Tan, Chee Chin; Kurniawan, Oka; Li, Erping
2001Determination of diffusion length from within a confined region with the use of EBICOng, Vincent K. S.; Wu, Dethau.
2006Determination of diffusion lengths with the use of EBIC from a diffused junction with any values of junction depthsOng, Vincent K. S.; Kurniawan, Oka.
2002Determination of material parameters from regions close to the collector using electron beam-induced currentWu, Dethau.; Ong, Vincent K. S.
2002Determining the location of localized defect in the perpendicular junction configuration with the use of electron beam induced currentPhua, Poh Chin.; Ong, Vincent K. S.
2009Extraction of diffusion length using junction-less EBICOng, Vincent K. S.; Tan, Chee Chin.; Radhakrishnan, K.
 2012The study of the charge collection of the normal-collector configurationTan, Chee Chin.; Ong, Vincent K. S.; Radhakrishnan, K.
2000Theory of the single contact electron beam induced current effectLau, K. T.; Ong, Vincent K. S.; Ma, Jianguo
2008An ultra low-power successive approximation ADC using an offset-biased auto-zero comparatorChan, Pak Kwong; Susanti, Yulia; Ong, Vincent K. S.