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 2017Helicity inversion of supramolecular hydrogels induced by achiral substituentsLiu, Guofeng; Li, Xin; Sheng, Jianhui; Li, Pei-Zhou; Ong, Wee Kong; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Ågren, Hans; Zhu, Liangliang; Zhao, Yanli
2019Reactive oxygen species-mediated cancer therapy with silica-based nanoparticlesOng, Wee Kong
2018Ultralong room temperature phosphorescence from amorphous organic materials toward confidential information encryption and decryptionPhua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Su, Yan; Li, Youbing; Zhou, Xianju; Jana, Deblin; Liu, Guofeng; Lim, Wei Qi; Ong, Wee Kong; Yang, Chaolong; Zhao, Yanli