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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Precise object detection using adversarially augmented local/global feature fusionHan, Xiaobing; He, Tiantian; Ong, Yew-Soon; Zhong, Yanfei
 2018Remarks on multi-output Gaussian process regressionLiu, Haitao; Cai, Jianfei; Ong, Yew-Soon
2017Structured Memetic Automation for Online Human-Like Social Behavior LearningZeng, Yifeng; Chen, Xuefeng; Ong, Yew-Soon; Tang, Jing; Xiang, Yanping
 2017A survey of adaptive sampling for global metamodeling in support of simulation-based complex engineering designLiu, Haitao; Ong, Yew-Soon; Cai, Jianfei
2018Uncluttered domain sub-similarity modeling for transfer regressionWei, Pengfei; Sagarna, Ramon; Ke, Yiping; Ong, Yew-Soon
2018Understanding and comparing scalable Gaussian process regression for big dataLiu, Haitao; Cai, Jianfei; Ong, Yew-Soon; Wang, Yi
2020What it thinks is important is important : robustness transfers through input gradientsChan, Alvin; Tay, Yi; Ong, Yew-Soon