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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Science literacy or value predisposition? A meta-analysis of factors predicting public perceptions of benefits, risks, and acceptance of nuclear energyHo, Shirley Soo Yee; Leong, Alisius Deon; Looi, Jiemin; Chen, Liang; Pang, Natalie; Tandoc, Edson C., Jr.
2014Smartphone use by older adults in SingaporeZhang, X.; Vu, S.; Foo, Schubert; Pang, Natalie
2016Social media, political expression, and participation in Confucian AsiaSkoric, Marko M.; Zhu, Qinfeng; Pang, Natalie
2013Subtle, natural and socially acceptable interaction techniques for ringterfaces : finger-ring shaped user interfacesPang, Natalie; Rissanen, Mikko J.; Vu, Samantha; Fernando, Owen Noel Newton; Foo, Schubert
2011Superbodies : between freedom and subjugationPang, Natalie
2016Survey on inadequate and omitted citations in manuscripts: a precursory study in identification of tasks for a literature review and manuscript writing assistive systemSesagiri Raamkumar, Aravind; Foo, Schubert; Pang, Natalie
2012Towards evaluating social telepresence in mobile contextPang, Natalie; Rissanen, Mikko J.; Foo, Schubert; Vu, Samantha
2016Twittering the Little India Riot: Audience responses, information behavior and the use of emotive cuesPang, Natalie; Ng, Joshua
 2014UbiCuts : wearable communication and surveillance aids for older adults and the disabledFoo, Schubert; Pang, Natalie; Zhang, Xue
2013Ubiquitous shortcuts : mnemonics by just taking photosPang, Natalie; Rissanen, Mikko J.; Foo, Schubert; Fernando, Owen Noel Newton; Iroshan, Horathalge; Vu, Samantha
 2018Understanding the effects of task and topical knowledge in the evaluation of websites as information patchLee, Helena; Pang, Natalie
2017User evaluation of a task for shortlisting papers from researcher’s reading list for citing in manuscriptsSesagiri Raamkumar, Aravind; Foo, Schubert; Pang, Natalie
2017Using author-specified keywords in building an initial reading list of research papers in scientific paper retrieval and recommender systemsSesagiri Raamkumar, Aravind; Foo, Schubert; Pang, Natalie
2016What papers should I cite from my reading list? User evaluation of a manuscript preparatory assistive taskFoo, Schubert; Pang, Natalie; Sesagiri Raamkumar, Aravind
2016When countries become the talking point in microblogs: Study on country hashtags in TwitterSesagiri Raamkumar, Aravind; Pang, Natalie; Foo, Schubert