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 2019Disentangled variational auto-encoder for semi-supervised learningLi, Yang; Pan, Quan; Wang, Suhang; Peng, Haiyun; Yang, Tao; Cambria, Erik
 2020End-to-end latent-variable task-oriented dialogue system with exact log-likelihood optimizationXu, H.; Peng, Haiyun; Xie, H.; Cambria, Erik; Zhou, L.; Zheng, W.
 2019Learning binary codes with neural collaborative filtering for efficient recommendation systemsLi, Yang; Wang, Suhang; Pan, Quan; Peng, Haiyun; Yang, Tao; Cambria, Erik
 2018Learning multi-grained aspect target sequence for Chinese sentiment analysisPeng, Haiyun; Ma, Yukun; Li, Yang; Cambria, Erik
2014Learning sparse representation via spatio-temporal smoothing for human activity recognitionPeng, Haiyun
2019Linguistic-inspired Chinese sentiment analysis : from characters to radicals and phoneticsPeng, Haiyun
 2018Sentic LSTM : a hybrid network for targeted aspect-based sentiment analysisMa, Yukun; Peng, Haiyun; Khan, Tahir; Cambria, Erik; Hussain, Amir