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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Comprehensive analysis and identification of the human STIM1 domains for structural and functional studiesEshaghi, Said; How, Jonathan; Zhang, Ai; Phillips, Margaret; Reynaud, Aline; Lu, Si Yan; Pan, Lucy Xin; Ho, Hai Ting; Yau, Yin Hoe; Guskov, Albert; Pervushin, Konstantin; Shochat, Susana Geifman
2015DNA-mediated cooperativity facilitates the co-selection of cryptic enhancer sequences by SOX2 and PAX6 transcription factorsNarasimhan, Kamesh; Pillay, Shubhadra; Huang, Yong-Heng; Jayabal, Sriram; Udayasuryan, Barath; Veerapandian, Veeramohan; Kolatkar, Prasanna; Cojocaru, Vlad; Pervushin, Konstantin; Jauch, Ralf
2020Dynamic networks observed in the nucleosome core particles couple the histone globular domains with DNAShi, Xiangyan; Prasanna, Chinmayi; Soman, Aghil; Pervushin, Konstantin; Nordenskiöld, Lars
 2012Expression and purification of coronavirus envelope proteins using a modified β-barrel constructPervushin, Konstantin; Torres, Jaume; Parthasarathy, Krupakar; Lu, Huang; Surya, Wahyu; Vararattanavech, Ardcharaporn
2021Liquid–liquid phase separation of the green mussel adhesive protein Pvfp-5 is regulated by the post-translated Dopa amino acidDeepankumar, Kanagavel; Guo, Qi; Mohanram, Harini; Lim, Jessica; Mu, Yuguang; Pervushin, Konstantin; Yu, Jing; Miserez, Ali
2020Magnetic nanoparticles as in vivo tracers for Alzheimer’s diseaseSharma, Bhargy; Pervushin, Konstantin
 2018Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging of key proteins in corneal samples from lattice dystrophy patients with TGFBI-H626R and TGFBI-R124C mutationsVenkatraman, Anandalakshmi; Hochart, Guillaume; Bonnel, David; Stauber, Jonathan; Shimmura, Shigeto; Rajamani, Lakshminaryanan; Pervushin, Konstantin; Mehta, Jodhbir S.
2011The molecular basis of distinct aggregation pathways of islet amyloid polypeptideChan-Park, Mary B.; Wei, Lei; Jiang, Ping; Xu, Weixin; Li, Hai; Zhang, Hua; Yan, Liang Yu; Liu, Xue-Wei; Tang, Kai; Mu, Yuguang; Pervushin, Konstantin
2012Molecular dynamics simulations of a new branched antimicrobial peptide : a comparison of force fieldsLi, Jianguo; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Bai, Yang; Liu, Shouping; Zhou, Lei; Pervushin, Konstantin; Verma, Chandra; Beuerman, Roger W.
2020Pharmaceutical modulation of the proteolytic profile of Transforming Growth Factor Beta induced protein (TGFBIp) offers a new avenue for treatment of TGFBI-corneal dystrophyVenkatraman, Anandalakshmi; Duong-Thi, Minh-Dao; Pervushin, Konstantin; Ohlson, Sten; Mehta, Jodhbir Singh
 2012Progressive structuring of a branched antimicrobial peptide on the path to the inner membrane targetBeuerman, Roger W.; Bai, Yang; Liu, Shouping; Li, Jianguo; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Sarawathi, Padmanabhan; Tang, Charles; Ho, Duncun; Verma, Chandra; Pervushin, Konstantin
2012Selectivity of stop codon recognition in translation termination is modulated by multiple conformations of GTS loop in eRF1Li, Yan; Pillay, Shubhadra; Frolova, Ludmila; Pervushin, Konstantin; Wong, Leo E.
2019A short peptide hydrogel with high stiffness induced by 310-helices to beta-sheet transition in waterHiew, Shu Hui; Mohanram, Harini; Ling, Lulu; Guo, Jingjing; Sánchez-Ferrer, Antoni; Shi, Xiangyan; Pervushin, Konstantin; Mu, Yuguang; Mezzenga, Raffaele; Miserez, Ali
 2012The small hydrophobic protein of the human respiratory syncytial virus forms pentameric ion channelsGan, Siok-Wan; Tan, Edward; Lin, Xin; Yu, Dejie; Wang, Juejin; Tan, Gregory Ming-Yeong; Vararattanavech, Ardcharaporn; Yeo, Chiew Ying; Soon, Cin Huang; Soong, Tuck Wah; Pervushin, Konstantin; Torres, Jaume
2020Solid-state NMR 13C, 15N assignments of human histone H3 in the nucleosome core particleShi, Xiangyan; Prasanna, Chinmayi; Pervushin, Konstantin; Nordenskiöld, Lars
 2012Structural basis of RNA binding by leucine zipper GCN4Nikolaev, Yaroslav; Pervushin, Konstantin
2016Structural characterization of eRF1 mutants indicate a complex mechanism of stop codon recognitionPillay, Shubhadra; Li, Yan; Wong, Leo E; Pervushin, Konstantin
2018Structure and dynamics in the nucleosome revealed by solid-state NMRShi, Xiangyan; Prasanna, Chinmayi; Nagashima, Toshio; Yamazaki, Toshio; Pervushin, Konstantin; Nordenskiöld, Lars
 2019Three-dimensional structure of Megabalanus rosa cement protein 20 revealed by multi-dimensional NMR and molecular dynamics simulationsMohanram, Harini; Kumar, Akshita; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Pervushin, Konstantin; Miserez, Ali
2021Tracking oxidation-induced alterations in fibrin clot formation by NMR-based methodsLau, Wai-Hoe; White, Nathan J.; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Gruen, Russell L.; Pervushin, Konstantin