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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Monomer-dimer equilibrium for the 5′-5′ stacking of propeller-type parallel-stranded G-quadruplexes : NMR structural studyDo, Ngoc Quang; Phan, Anh Tuân
2019NMR solution and X-ray crystal structures of a DNA molecule containing both right- and left-handed parallel-stranded G-quadruplexesWinnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Bakalar, Blaž; Maity, Arijit; Vandana, J. Jeya; Mechulam, Yves; Schmitt, Emmanuelle; Phan, Anh Tuân
2021A novel minimal motif for left-handed G-quadruplex formationDas, Poulomi; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Maity, Arijit; Mechulam, Yves; Phan, Anh Tuân
2019Recognition of different base tetrads by RHAU (DHX36) : X-ray crystal structure of the G4 recognition motif bound to the 3'-end tetrad of a DNA G-quadruplexHeddi, Brahim; Cheong, Vee Vee; Schmitt, Emmanuelle; Mechulam, Yves; Phan, Anh Tuân
 2017Rotation of Guanine Amino Groups in G-Quadruplexes: A Probe for Local Structure and Ligand BindingAdrian, Michael; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Heddi, Brahim; Phan, Anh Tuân
 2018Simultaneous binding of hybrid molecules constructed with dual DNA-binding components to a G-quadruplex and its proximal duplexAsamitsu, Sefan; Obata, Shunsuke; Phan, Anh Tuân; Hashiya, Kaori; Bando, Toshikazu; Sugiyama, Hiroshi
 2014Solution structure of a G-quadruplex bound to the bisquinolinium compound Phen-DC3Chung, Wan Jun; Heddi, Brahim; Hamon, Florian; Teulade-Fichou, Marie-Paule; Phan, Anh Tuân
2019Solution structures of a G-quadruplex bound to linear- and cyclic-dinucleotidesWinnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Das, Poulomi; Heddi, Brahim; Phan, Anh Tuân
2020Stapling a G-quadruplex specific peptideYaneva, Militsa Yavorova; Cheong, Vee Vee; Cheng, Jun Kee; Lim, Kah Wai; Phan, Anh Tuân
2016Structure and possible function of a G-quadruplex in the long terminal repeat of the proviral HIV-1 genomeDe Nicola, Beatrice; Lech, Christopher J.; Heddi, Brahim; Regmi, Sagar; Frasson, Ilaria; Perrone, Rosalba; Richter, Sara N.; Phan, Anh Tuân
2018Structure of a (3+1) hybrid G-quadruplex in the PARP1 promoterChambers, Vicki S.; Di Antonio, Marco; Sengar, Anjali; Balasubramanian, Shankar; Phan, Anh Tuân; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Vandana, J. Jeya
2015Structure of a left-handed DNA G-quadruplexChung, Wan Jun; Heddi, Brahim; Schmitt, Emmanuelle; Lim, Kah Wai; Mechulam, Yves; Phan, Anh Tuân
2013Sugar-modified G-quadruplexes : effects of LNA-, 2'F-RNA- and 2'F-ANA-guanosine chemistries on G-quadruplex structure and stabilityPhan, Anh Tuân; Li, Zhe; Lech, Christopher Jacques
2019Synthesis and telomeric G-quadruplex-stabilizing ability of macrocyclic hexaoxazoles bearing three side chainsMa, Yue; Iida, Keisuke; Sasaki, Shogo; Hirokawa, Takatsugu; Heddi, Brahim; Nagasawa, Kazuo; Phan, Anh Tuân
2019An unprecedented knot‐like G‐quadruplex peripheral motifTruong, Thi Hong Anh; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Phan, Anh Tuân