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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Development of a ribonuclease containing a G4-specific binding motif for programmable RNA cleavagePhan, Anh Tuân; Dang, Dung Thanh
2014Discovery of a structural-element specific G-quadruplex “light-up” probeZhao, Wei; Phan, Anh Tuân; Chang, Young-Tae; Yoo, Jaeduk; Xu, Wang; Zhang, Liyun; Er, Jun Cheng; Ghosh, Krishna Kanta; Chung, Wan Jun
2017A Dual-Specific Targeting Approach Based on the Simultaneous Recognition of Duplex and Quadruplex MotifsNguyen, Thi Quynh Ngoc; Lim, Kah Wai; Phan, Anh Tuân
2020Duplex formation in a G-quadruplex bulgeNgoc Nguyen, Thi Quynh; Lim, Kah Wai; Phan, Anh Tuân
2014Dynamics and stability of polymorphic human telomeric G-quadruplex under tensionEfremov, Artem K.; Phan, Anh Tuân; Yan, Jie; You, Huijuan; Zeng, Xiangjun; Xu, Yue; Lim, Ci Ji
2012Engineering of interlocked DNA G-quadruplexes as a robust scaffoldPhan, Anh Tuân; Do, Ngoc Quang
 2013Excimer formation by stacking G-quadruplex blocksDao, Nguyen Thuan; Haselsberger, Reinhard; Michel-Beyerle, Maria-Elisabeth; Phan, Anh Tuân
2011Following G-quadruplex formation by its intrinsic fluorescenceDao, Nguyen Thuan; Reinhard, Haselsberger; Maria-Elisabeth, Michel-Beyerle; Phan, Anh Tuân
 2012Formation of pearl-necklace monomorphic G-quadruplexes in the human CEB25 minisatelliteAmrane, Samir; Adrian, Michael; Heddi, Brahim; Serero, Alexandre; Nicolas, Alain; Mergny, Jean-Louis; Phan, Anh Tuân
2017G-quadruplex structure of an anti-proliferative DNA sequenceDo, Ngoc Quang; Chung, Wan Jun; Truong, Thi Hong Anh; Heddi, Brahim; Phan, Anh Tuân
2020Guanine anchoring : a strategy for specific targeting of a G-quadruplex using short PNA, LNA and DNA moleculesTan, Derrick Jing Yang; Das, Poulomi; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Lim, Kah Wai; Phan, Anh Tuân
2012Guanine base stacking in G-quadruplex nucleic acidsLech, Christopher Jacques; Heddi, Brahim; Phan, Anh Tuân
2018High-resolution AFM structure of DNA G-wires in aqueous solutionBose, Krishnashish; Lech, Christopher Jacques; Heddi, Brahim; Phan, Anh Tuân
2015Influence of base stacking geometry on the nature of excited states in G-quadruplexes : a time-dependent DFT studyPhan, Anh Tuân; Voityuk, Alexander A.; Lech, Christopher Jacques; Maria-Elisabeth, Maria-Elisabeth
2015Insights into G-quadruplex specific recognition by the DEAH-box helicase RHAU: Solution structure of a peptide–quadruplex complexHeddi, Brahim; Cheong, Vee Vee; Martadinata, Herry; Phan, Anh Tuân
2020Intra-locked G-quadruplex structures formed by irregular DNA G-rich motifsMaity, Arijit; Winnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Chang, Weili Denyse; Chen, Gang; Phan, Anh Tuân
2018Major G‑quadruplex form of HIV‑1 LTR reveals a (3+1) folding topology containing a stem-loopButovskaya, Elena; Heddi, Brahim; Bakalar, Blaž; Richter, Sara N.; Phan, Anh Tuân
2019A minimal sequence for left‐handed G‐quadruplex formationBakalar, Blaž; Heddi, Brahim; Schmitt, Emmanuelle; Mechulam, Yves; Phan, Anh Tuân
 2012Monomer-dimer equilibrium for the 5′-5′ stacking of propeller-type parallel-stranded G-quadruplexes : NMR structural studyDo, Ngoc Quang; Phan, Anh Tuân
2019NMR solution and X-ray crystal structures of a DNA molecule containing both right- and left-handed parallel-stranded G-quadruplexesWinnerdy, Fernaldo Richtia; Bakalar, Blaž; Maity, Arijit; Vandana, J. Jeya; Mechulam, Yves; Schmitt, Emmanuelle; Phan, Anh Tuân