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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A mesoporous nanoenzyme derived from metal–organic frameworks with endogenous oxygen generation to alleviate tumor hypoxia for significantly enhanced photodynamic therapyWang, Dongdong; Wu, Huihui; Lim, Wei Qi; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Xu, Pengping; Chen, Qianwang; Guo, Zhen; Zhao, Yanli
2019NIR-light-activated combination therapy with a precise ratio of photosensitizer and prodrug using a host-guest strategyChen, Hongzhong; Zeng, Xiaowei; Tham, Phoebe Huijun; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Cheng, Wei; Zeng, Wenfeng; Shi, Haoran; Mei, Lin; Zhao, Yanli
2018An oxaliplatin(IV) prodrug-based supramolecular self-delivery nanocarrier for targeted colorectal cancer treatmentLim, Wei Qi; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Chen, Hongzhong; Zhao, Yanli
 2018Reduction-sensitive fluorescence enhanced polymeric prodrug nanoparticles for combinational photothermal-chemotherapyZhang, Yuanyuan; Yang, Dan; Chen, Hongzhong; Lim, Wei Qi; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; An, Guanghui; Yang, Piaoping; Zhao, Yanli
 2019Self-assembled oxaliplatin(IV) prodrug-porphyrin conjugate for combinational photodynamic therapy and chemotherapyLim, Wei Qi; Yang, Guangbao; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Chen, Hongzhong; Zhao, Yanli
 2020Solvent- and HF-free synthesis of flexible chromium-based MIL-53 and MIL-88BTeo, Wei Liang; Siti Khadijah Ariff; Zhou, Weiqiang; Jana, Deblin; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Zhao, Yanli
 2018Solvent-controlled assembly of aromatic glutamic dendrimers for efficient luminescent color conversionXing, Pengyao; Yang, Chaolong; Wang, Yang; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Zhao, Yanli
2018A transferrin-conjugated hollow nanoplatform for redox-controlled and targeted chemotherapy of tumor with reduced inflammatory reactionsZhou, Jun; Li, Menghuan; Lim, Wei Qi; Luo, Zhong; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Huo, Runlan; Li, Liqi; Li, Ke; Dai, Liangliang; Liu, Junjie; Cai, Kaiyong; Zhao, Yanli
2018Ultralong room temperature phosphorescence from amorphous organic materials toward confidential information encryption and decryptionPhua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Su, Yan; Li, Youbing; Zhou, Xianju; Jana, Deblin; Liu, Guofeng; Lim, Wei Qi; Ong, Wee Kong; Yang, Chaolong; Zhao, Yanli
2018Versatile bimetallic lanthanide metal-organic frameworks for tunable emission and efficient fluorescence sensingSu, Yan; Yu, Junhong; Li, Youbing; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Liu, Guofeng; Lim, Wei Qi; Yang, Xiaozhan; Ganguly, Rakesh; Dang, Cuong; Yang, Chaolong; Zhao, Yanli
 2018Water‐binding‐mediated gelation/crystallization and thermosensitive superchiralityXing, Pengyao; Li, Yongxin; Wang, Yang; Li, Pei-Zhou; Chen, Hongzhong; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Zhao, Yanli