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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Feasibility and practicability of standardized cryptography on 4-bit micro controllersJacob, Nisha; Saetang, Sirote; Chen, Chien-Ning; Kutzner, Sebastian; Ling, San; Poschmann, Axel
2013On 3-share threshold implementations for 4-Bit S-boxesKutzner, Sebastian; Nguyen, Phuong Ha; Poschmann, Axel; Wang, Huaxiong
 2013Parallelisable variants of Camellia and SMS4 block cipher : p-Camellia and p-SMS4Yap, Huihui; Khoo, Khoongming; Poschmann, Axel
2011Pushing the limits : a very compact and a threshold implementation of AESMoradi, Amir; Poschmann, Axel; Ling, San; Paar, Christof; Wang, Huaxiong
2013Security challenges in automotive hardware/software architecture designSagstetter, Florian; Lukasiewycz, Martin; Steinhorst, Sebastian; Wolf, Marko; Bouard, Alexandre; Peyrin, Thomas; Poschmann, Axel; Chakraborty, Samarjit; Harris, William R.; Jha, Somesh.
2010Side-channel resistant crypto for less than 2,300 GEPoschmann, Axel; Moradi, Amir; Khoo, Khoongming; Lim, Chu Wee; Wang, Huaxiong; Ling, San
2012Standardized signature algorithms on ultra-constrained 4-bit MCUChen, Chien-Ning; Jacob, Nisha; Kutzner, Sebastian; Ling, San; Poschmann, Axel; Saetang, Sirote
2013TROJANUS : An ultra-lightweight side-channel leakage generator for FPGAsKutzner, Sebastian; Poschmann, Axel; Stöttinger, Marc