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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Effect of monomer diffusion on photoinduced shrinkage in photopolymer layers determined by Electronic speckle pattern interferometryMoothanchery, Mohesh; Pramanik, Manojit; Toal, Vincent; Naydenova, Izabela
2019An efficient image formation algorithm for real-time linear-array photoacoustic tomographyMozaffarzadeh, Moein; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Upputuri, Paul Kumar; Pramanik, Manojit; Makkiabadi, Bahador
2018Efficient nonlinear beamformer based on P’th root of detected signals for linear-array photoacoustic tomography : application to sentinel lymph node imagingMozaffarzadeh, Moein; Makkiabadi, Bahador; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Pramanik, Manojit
2020Eigenspace-based minimum variance beamformer combined with sign coherence factor : application to linear-array photoacoustic imagingShamekhi, Sadaf; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Pramanik, Manojit; Mehrmohammadi, Mohammad; Mohammadzadeh Asl, Babak
2018Eigenspace-based minimum variance combined with delay multiply and sum beamformer : application to linear-array photoacoustic imagingMozaffarzadeh, Moein; Mahloojifar, Ali; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Pramanik, Manojit; Orooji, Mahdi
2019Enhanced contrast acoustic-resolution photoacoustic microscopy using double-stage delay-multiply-and-sum beamformer for vasculature imagingMozaffarzadeh, Moein; Varnosfaderani, Mehdi Haji Heidari; Sharma, Arunima; Pramanik, Manojit; de Jong, Nico; Verweij, Martin D.
2016Experimental validation of tangential resolution improvement in photoacoustic tomography using modified delay-and-sum reconstruction algorithmKalva, Sandeep Kumar; Pramanik, Manojit
2015Experimentally validated raman Monte Carlo simulation for a cuboid object to obtain raman spectroscopic signatures for hidden materialPeriyasamy, Vijitha; Sil, Sanchita; Dhal, Gagan; Ariese, Freek; Umapathy, Siva; Pramanik, Manojit
2018Fast photoacoustic imaging systems using pulsed laser diodes: a reviewUpputuri, Paul Kumar; Pramanik, Manojit
2019Fractional regularization to improve photoacoustic tomographic image reconstructionPrakash, Jaya; Sanny, Dween; Kalva, Sandeep Kumar; Pramanik, Manojit; Yalavarthy, Phaneendra K.
2019Genetic algorithm for feedback-based wavefront shaping in optical imagingMehdi, Haji Heidari Varnosfaderani; Mozaffarzadeh, Moein; Upputuri, Paul Kumar; Pramanik, Manojit
2017Hand-held Clinical Photoacoustic Imaging System for Real-time Non-invasive Small Animal ImagingSivasubramanian, Kathyayini; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Pramanik, Manojit
2018Hand-held, clinical dual mode ultrasound - photoacoustic imaging of rat urinary bladder and its applicationsSivasubramanian, Kathyayini; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Dienzo, Rhonnie Austria; Pramanik, Manojit
2016High frame rate photoacoustic imaging at 7000 frames per second using clinical ultrasound systemSivasubramanian, Kathyayini; Pramanik, Manojit
2016High frame rate photoacoustic imaging using clinical ultrasound systemSivasubramanian, Kathyayini; Pramanik, Manojit
2019High framerate photoacoustic imaging of blood clotsSivasubramanian, Kathyayini; Das, Dhiman; Pramanik, Manojit
2018High resolution and deep tissue imaging using a near infrared acoustic resolution photoacoustic microscopyMoothanchery, Mohesh; Sharma, Arunima; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Pramanik, Manojit
2020High resolution, label-free photoacoustic imaging of live chicken embryo developing in bioengineered eggshellSharma, Arunima; Ishak, Noreen; Teoh, Swee-Hin; Pramanik, Manojit
2015High speed photoacoustic tomography system with low cost portable pulsed diode laserUpputuri, Paul Kumar; Sivasubramanian, Kathyayini; Pramanik, Manojit
2017A High-performance compact photoacoustic tomography system for in vivo small-animal brain imagingUpputuri, Paul Kumar; Periyasamy, Vijitha; Kalva, Sandeep Kumar; Pramanik, Manojit