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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2014Capacitance of p- and n-doped graphenes is dominated by structural defects regardless of the dopant typeAmbrosi, Adriano; Poh, Hwee Ling; Wang, Lu; Sofer, Zdenek; Pumera, Martin
 2015Carbocatalysis : the state of “metal-free” catalysisChua, Chun Kiang; Pumera, Martin
 2013Carcinogenic organic residual compounds readsorbed on thermally reduced graphene materials are released at low temperatureAmbrosi, Adriano; Wong, Gwendeline K. S.; Webster, Richard D.; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin
 2018Characteristics and performance of two-dimensional materials for electrocatalysisChia, Xinyi; Pumera, Martin
 2015Chemical energy powered nano/micro/macromotors and the environmentMoo, James Guo Sheng; Pumera, Martin
 2015Chemically modified graphene : the influence of structural properties on the assessment of antioxidant capacityHui, Kai Hwee; Pumera, Martin; Bonanni, Alessandra
 2013Chemically modified graphenes as detectors in lab-on-chip deviceChua, Chun Kiang; Pumera, Martin
2012Chemically reduced graphene contains inherent metallic impurities present in parent natural and synthetic graphiteAmbrosi, Adriano; Chua, C. K.; Khezri, B.; Sofer, Z.; Webster, Richard David; Pumera, Martin
 2012Comparison of the electroanalytical performance of chemically modified graphenes (CMGs) using uric acidChee, Sze Yin; Pumera, Martin
2013Concentric bimetallic microjets by electrodepositionZhao, Guanjia; Pumera, Martin
 2013Concurrent phosphorus doping and reduction of graphene oxidePoh, Hwee Ling; Sofer, Zdeněk; Nováček, Michal; Pumera, Martin
2018Corrosion due to ageing influences the performance of tubular platinum microrobotsMaric, Tijana; Wang, Yong; Khezri, Bahareh; Pumera, Martin; Muhammad Zafir Mohamad Nasir
 2013Could carbonaceous impurities in reduced graphenes be responsible for some of their extraordinary electrocatalytic activities?Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin; Wang, Lu
 2018Cyanographene and graphene acid : the functional group of graphene derivative determines the application in electrochemical sensing and capacitorsCheong, Yi Heng; Muhammad Zafir Mohamad Nasir; Bakandritsos, Aristides; Pykal, Martin; Jakubec, Petr; Zbořil, Radek; Otyepka, Michal; Pumera, Martin
 2014Cytotoxicity of exfoliated transition-metal dichalcogenides (MoS2, WS2, and WSe2) is lower than that of graphene and its analoguesTeo, Wei Zhe; Chng, Elaine Lay Khim; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin
 2017Cytotoxicity of group 5 transition metal ditellurides (MTe2; M=V, Nb, Ta)Chia, Hui Ling; Naziah Mohamad Latiff; Sofer, Zdenĕk; Pumera, Martin
2018Cytotoxicity of layered metal phosphorus chalcogenides (MPXy) nanoflakes; FePS3, CoPS3, NiPS3Latiff, Naziah M.; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen C.; Khezri, Bahareh; Szokolova, Katerina; Sofer, Zdeněk; Fisher, Adrian C.; Pumera, Martin
2018Cytotoxicity of phosphorus allotropes (black, violet, red)Naziah Mohamad Latiff; Mayorga-Martinez Carmen C.; Sofer, Zdenek; Fisher, Adrian C.; Pumera, Martin
 2014Cytotoxicity profile of highly hydrogenated grapheneChng, Elaine Lay Khim; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin
 2014Cytotoxicity profile of highly hydrogenated grapheneChng, Elaine Lay Khim; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin