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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Macroscopic self-propelled objectsZhao, Guanjia; Pumera, Martin
 2012Metal-based impurities in graphenes : application for electroanalysisChee, Sze Yin; Pumera, Martin
 2013“Metal-free” catalytic oxygen reduction reaction on heteroatom-doped graphene is caused by trace metal impuritiesWang, Lu; Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
 2015Metallic 1T-WS2 for Selective Impedimetric Vapor SensingYong, Alex Sheng Eng; Sofer, Zdeněk; Mayorga-Martinez, Carmen Clotilde; Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
 2012Metallic impurities in graphenes prepared from graphite can dramatically influence their propertiesAmbrosi, Adriano; Chee, Sze Yin; Khezri, Bahareh; Webster, Richard David; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin
 2012Micromotors with built-in compassesSchmidt, Oliver G.; Zhao, Guanjia; Sanchez, Samuel; Pumera, Martin
 2015Misfit-layered Bi1.85Sr2Co1.85O7.7−δ for the hydrogen evolution reaction : beyond van der Waals heterostructuresChua, Chun Kiang; Sofer, Zdeněk; Jankovský, Ondřej; Pumera, Martin
2018Multimaterial 3D-printed water electrolyzer with earth-abundant electrodeposited catalystsAmbrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
 2014Mycotoxins : simultaneous detection of zearalenone and citrinin by voltammetry on edge plane pyrolytic graphite electrodePumera, Martin; Nasir, Muhammad Zafir Mohamad
 2012Nanographite impurities in carbon nanotubes : their influence on the oxidation of insulin, nitric oxide, and extracellular thiolsChng, Elaine Lay Khim; Pumera, Martin
 2017Nanohybrids of two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides and titanium dioxide for photocatalytic applicationsRahmanian, Elham; Malekfar, Rasoul; Pumera, Martin
2012Nanoporous carbon as a sensing platform for DNA detection : the use of impedance spectroscopy for hairpin-DNA based assayPoh, Hwee Ling; Bonanni, Alessandra; Pumera, Martin
 2012Nanoporous carbon materials for electrochemical sensingPoh, Hwee Ling; Pumera, Martin
2014Neutron diffraction as a precise and reliable method for obtaining structural properties of bulk quantities of grapheneSofer, Zdeněk; Šimek, Petr; Jankovský, Ondřej; Sedmidubský, David; Beran, Přemysl; Pumera, Martin
2012Noble metal (Pd, Ru, Rh, Pt, Au, Ag) doped graphene hybrids for electrocatalysisGiovanni, Marcella; Poh, Hwee Ling; Ambrosi, Adriano; Zhao, Guanjia; Sofer, Zdeněk; Šaněk, Filip; Khezri, Bahareh; Webster, Richard David; Pumera, Martin
 2012Nucleic acid functionalized Graphene for biosensingBonanni, Alessandra; Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
 2011Number of graphene layers exhibiting an influence on oxidation of DNA bases : analytical parametersGoh, Madeline Shuhua; Pumera, Martin
 2012On oxygen-containing groups in chemically modified graphenesBonanni, Alessandra; Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
 2012Oxidation of DNA bases influenced by the presence of other basesShuhua Goh, Madeline; Pumera, Martin
 2012Oxidation of DNA bases is influenced by their position in the DNA strandToh, Rou Jun; Bonanni, Alessandra; Pumera, Martin