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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Integrated framework for assessing climate change impact on extreme rainfall and the urban drainage systemLu, Wei; Qin, Xiaosheng
2014A large sample investigation of temporal scale-invariance in rainfall over the tropical urban island of SingaporeMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Qin, Xiaosheng
2014Modeling of Water Quality, Quantity, and SustainabilityLi, Yongping; Huang, Guohe; Huang, Yuefei; Qin, Xiaosheng
 2020A multimodel assessment of drought characteristics and risks over the Huang-Huai-Hai River basin, China, under climate changeDai, Chaoyan; Qin, Xiaosheng; Lu, William Tang; Zang, Huikai
2013Multisite rainfall downscaling and disaggregation in a tropical urban areaQin, Xiaosheng; Lu, Yan
2015Nonstationary desertification dynamics of desert oasis under climate change and human interferenceHuang, Guohe; Qin, Xiaosheng; He, Li; Zhang, Hua; Li, Yongping; Li, Zhong
 2019On comparison of two-level and global optimization schemes for layout design of storage pondsLu, Wei; Qin, Xiaosheng; Yu, Jianjun
 2017Optimizing best management practices for nutrient pollution control in a lake watershed under uncertaintyDai, Chao; Qin, Xiaosheng; Tan, Q.; Guo, H. C.
 2019A probabilistic risk modelling chain for analysis of regional flood eventsOliver, Julien; Qin, Xiaosheng; Madsen, Henrik; Rautela, Piyoosh; Joshi, Girish Chandra; Jorgensen, Gregers
2016Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Wet and Dry Spells over Two Urban Regions in the Western Maritime ContinentMandapaka, Pradeep V.; Qin, Xiaosheng; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man
2013Solving water quality management problem through combined genetic algorithm and fuzzy simulationXu, T. Y.; Qin, Xiaosheng
 2017Storm event-based frequency analysis methodJun, Changhyun; Qin, Xiaosheng; Tung, Yeou-Koung; De Michele, Carlo
2014Study of climate change impact on flood frequencies : a combined weather generator and hydrological modeling approachQin, Xiaosheng; Lu, Yan
2013Temporal disaggregation of rainfall for SingaporeOng, Kathy Yajuan.
2014Uncertainty analysis of flood inundation modelling using GLUE with surrogate models in stochastic samplingYu, J. J.; Qin, Xiaosheng; Larsen, O.